Baby, look what you've done to me

Cara meets Harry at a party, where she's a nobody and he's most definitely a somebody. Out of all the girls there, Harry feels drawn to Cara - and things get complicated from then on.

(side note: Harry and the boys are famous in this story)


6. Harry's

We pulled up into Harry's driveway, leading to his beautiful house. "Wow, your place is lovely!" I said as we got out of the car. "Yeah, it's alright" he joked, as we entered the house. It was even more beautiful on the inside. "Make yourself at home" he said, gesturing to the living room. I went and sat on on of the sofas looking around in awe. Harry returned with two diet cokes, passing one to me. "Thanks" I said, cracking it open. "Sorry about that in Starbucks, they seem to find me anyway" Harry apologised for the 100th time. "Harry honestly, it's fine!"I assured him. I looked at his grumpy expression and smiled. "It's just annoying sometimes you know? I can't even go out for a coffee with a pretty girl" He chuckled, watching me blush. How was I here in Harry Styles house? It was so surreal. 

We talked for a few hours before it got dark and I decided I needed to get home. "I should probably go" I said, standing up. "I'll drop you home" Harry insisted, standing up next to me. I wasn't going to decline, seeing as I didn't have my car here. The car ride was mostly quiet for the short 15 minutes it took. I felt a bit embarrassed pulling up to my block of flats after being in Harry's massive house, but I picked up my bag and went to get out. "Thanks for today Harry, I had a really nice time" I smiled at him. "Yeah so did I" he grinned back, placing his hand on mine. I blushed and quickly said goodbye again, getting out of the car. Why does intimacy embarrass me? Harry Styles holds my hand and I run out the car - most girls would take it 10 times further. I sighed at my nervous antics and unlocked my flat, dropping my bag at the door and headed to the kitchen to make myself some dinner.

I was exhausted so I had my dinner and went straight to bed, trying to get a good nights sleep - but Harry wouldn't leave my mind. I couldn't work out if I just liked him as a friend..or liked him, LIKED him. Even if I did, it's not like he would ever go for some 18 year old intern like me. 



The next morning I entered the office to find Lily and a few of my other colleagues looking expectantly at me. I smiled confusedly and sat at my desk. Lily bounded over and leant on my desk, looking intently at me. "So, I heard you met up with Harry Styles yesterday.." she grinned, eyes sparkling with excitement. "Yeah..yeah I was going to tell you but i've been so busy-" I explained. "No need" Lily interrupted, throwing a magazine my way, open on a page. 

"Harry Styles has a new girl? Been spotted at the Topshop launch party on Saturday and in his infamous car on Thursday..who is she?" The headline said. I was a bit shocked. Yeah i'd gone out to Starbucks with Harry, and i'd seen him a few more times since then but this was crazy.

I looked at it speechless. "What the hell? How did this get out so quickly?" I cried. Lily shrugged, taking the magazine back. "I have some more news too.." She said nervously. "What?" I asked, scared of the answer. "One Direction are coming in this afternoon to choose some clothes from the new launch to advertise" She quickly told me, as the other colleagues in the office looked at me, judging me from the magazine headline - not believing a word. 

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