Baby, look what you've done to me

Cara meets Harry at a party, where she's a nobody and he's most definitely a somebody. Out of all the girls there, Harry feels drawn to Cara - and things get complicated from then on.

(side note: Harry and the boys are famous in this story)


21. Apologies


I was exhausted and I felt shaken up from what had just happened. I finally stopped crying, and Harry had disappeared. "Lets go back inside, and tell the others we're going" Zayn said. I nodded drying my eyes, I needed to go home. Or at least to the hotel. The club was a bit quieter now so we easily got to Louis, Niall and Lily (who was now awake). "What's happened Cara?!" Lily exclaimed. I sighed, realising I probably looked like a wreck. "Harry...he..." I didn't know what to say or how to say it. "We caught Harry with another girl" Zayn spoke, harshly. Louis gasped and the others frowned. "I'm so sorry Cara" Niall gave me a sympathetic smile. I wasn't in the mood for people's sympathy right now, I just wanted to go to bed. "I'm going to take Cara back to the hotel but i'll come back here" Zayn explained before we left. The cab ride home was silent. Neither of us had anything to say that wasn't related to Harry. "I can't believe he would do this" I whispered. "He was drunk Cara" Zayn tried to say. "I don't care, I really don't care. He still should not have done that" I said firmly. Zayn nodded. "But I am a bit worried about him...I wonder where he is" I said sheepishly. "He'll be fine" Zayn replied. Soon we were at the hotel and I got out leaving Zayn to ride back to the club. I walked up the flight of stairs to get to my room, when I saw Harry sitting outside our door. He looked really distressed and his hair looked like his hands had been run through it a million times. "Cara!" He spoke, quickly getting up. He seemed mostly sober now. "Go away Harry, I don't want to see you. Not tonight" I told him quietly. "Cara, I am so so so sorry. I didn't know what I was doing, she came onto me! I've been waiting here for you for hours. I can't lose you over this Cara, it was a bad, drunken mistake" He explained, attempting to take my hand. I flinched back, thinking about him with that girl. "I don't want to do this tonight" I said, unlocking my door. Harry let himself in and shut the door after him. "No, because then it'll never get sorted. I cannot be without you Cara, I love you so much" He said, exasperated. I started to cry at his words. "If you really loved me, it would have been me out there with you, not her" I said tearfully. "This is so hard Harry, because I love you so much but i'm so angry and I just keep picturing you with her" I admitted. He sighed, running both hands through his hair. "Please don't cry, I hate seeing you cry" He whispered, taking my hand properly this time and I didn't stop him. I was so torn - it was an awful thing that he did but he was also really drunk. "How do I know you won't do this every time you're drunk?" I asked him, looking at our hands entwined. "I won't, I will never do anything this stupid again. I'm never going to get that drunk again Cara" He pleaded. I didn't know what to say. I was unsure if I should forgive him. "I'm not leaving Cara, besides this is our room" He said firmly. And I knew he was serious. "Okay can still stay here. Sleep on the sofa. I'm going to bed" I told him simply. He nodded, as I let go of his hand and walked to the bedroom. I decided to text Zayn before I went to sleep. 

TO: ZAYN : harry's in my room. sleeping on the sofa. haven't forgiven him yet, but he is here. thanks for everything - C xxxx

FROM: ZAYN: ok, let me know if u need me. hope it all goes ok. Z x

I put my phone on the side and got changed before slipping into bed. It felt weird that my boyfriend was sleeping in the living room when I was here. I believed that it was a mistake but I just felt weird about that girl. I couldn't sleep, and I tossed and turned for hours. I suddenly heard the bedroom door open, and saw a half naked Harry standing sadly in the doorway. "Cara, I can't sleep" He whispered. "Neither can I" I admitted. He took this as an offer to slip into my bed next to me. "I know you're sorry. And I know it was a mistake" I told him, turning on my side to face him. I watched as his glum face brightened up slightly. I brushed his curls back from his forehead by habit before taking my hand away. I still didn't feel 100% happy with him. However I turned around and allowed him to subconsciously snake his arm around my body, pulling us together in a tight embrace. I couldn't stay mad at him forever.

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