Baby, look what you've done to me

Cara meets Harry at a party, where she's a nobody and he's most definitely a somebody. Out of all the girls there, Harry feels drawn to Cara - and things get complicated from then on.

(side note: Harry and the boys are famous in this story)


17. Apart




I had met up with my friend from work, Jacob, for a coffee. He knew how upset I was about Harry leaving a few days ago, so he suggested we meet so he could 'cheer me up'. Everything was normal, we were chatting like usual when I saw a man outside trying to take a photo of us. Why would they be taking a photo of me? I'm not even famous. I tried to ignore him, but a few others gathered round and soon enough there was a crowd of paparrazi. "Hey, Cara are you okay?" Jacob asked, placing his hand on mine. I gave him a funny look and removed my hand, looking at the paparazzi and then at him again. "Yeah...i'm fine" I lied. Something was wrong. Before I knew it, Jacob swiftly turned my head and pressed his lips hard against mine. I couldn't even call it a kiss, I didn't kiss him back. I pulled my head away from him in disgust. "What the hell are you doing?!" I cried. He didn't say anything, he just smirked and nodded towards the camera. "Is this a set up or something?" I asked, angrily. "Yes I suppose, but what can I say, you're an easy target" Jacob said, with an evil look on his face. "So, you knew they were going to be here taking photos? You were using me for a bit of fame?" I spat at him. "I didn't know they were coming...I asked them come" Jacob revealed. I gasped in disgust and slapped him across the cheek. I picked up my bag, striding out of the coffee shop, and running to my car before driving away from all of the camera lights. I got home and took a deep breath, as I leant against the door. What had just happened? Should I tell Harry? I decided I was going to later, but for now I needed to calm down. I decided to phone Lily and tell her what happened. "What a creep!" She cried, down the phone. "I know! I'm absolutely furious Lils, I don't know what to do" I replied. "Maybe they didn't get a picture, just wait and see what happens" She advised me. "Okay, i'll text you later" I said before hanging up the phone. Today had been an awful day. 

The next day, I woke up and tried to clear my mind of all of yesterdays's horrible events. I got up and got dressed, before deciding to take a walk to the corner shop to buy a few bits. I browsed the magazine section before spotting a rather shocking headline. It was in the very corner but it was on the front page: "Harry and Cara no more? Tour breaks the couple apart" I gasped and my heart fell. This was ludicrous, how could such a picture get twisted so out of context. Nobody would ever believe me if I told them what actually happened. My heart started racing when I remembered something. Harry. Had he seen it? Will he see it? Should I call him? I felt dizzy and sick, how had all of this happened? I didn't know what I thought next, as I felt myself faint in the middle of the shop.

I woke up in a back room, laying on an old, blue sofa with a middle-aged woman who was the shopkeeper. "Oh love, thank god you're okay! You gave me a right scare back then" The plump woman exclaimed. I sat up gingerly and felt the back of my head, wincing. A bruise was already forming. "You hit your head, but I think you'll be okay. Maybe you should go to hospital?" She offered. I shook my head, I hated the hospital. "I'll just go home thank you" I mumbled, feeling light-headed. "Will you be okay?" The lady asked. I nodded, not actually knowing the answer, before leaving the store and finally making it home in a dazed state. I got my blanket and laid on the sofa with my eyes shut, my head pounding. My head pounded more when I realised why I had fainted. As if on cue, the shrill noise of my mobile went off, so I picked it up and read the name. Harry. I wasn't sure if he knew, but I needed to speak to a comforting voice. "Hello?" I answered, gently and quietly. "Cara, is there something you need to tell me?" Harry angrily spoke through the phone. I heard someone shout 'Don't get angry H' and then the sound of a slammed door, guessing that Harry had left the room. "Harry, I know you've seen the picture and I swear to you it wasn't what it looked like" I explained. I heard him sigh as if not believing me. I was angry now. I had done nothing wrong, I had fainted in a shop and been harassed by my ex-friend. And Harry was not helping. "Harry, I had have the worst 2 days okay. I'm missing you like crazy and-" "Missing me so much you kissed that other guy?" Harry sharply interjected. "No, listen!" I almost shouted. He went quiet. "My friend Jacob set up a whole publicity stunt, he called the paparazzi, he grabbed my head and tried to kiss me, and I slapped him straight after and left! He harassed me Harry. Then today when I saw the magazine, it shocked me and hurt me so much that I fainted in the middle of the shop, I have a really bad bruise and everything is going wrong" I cried. I was literally crying by the end of the story and Harry was silent. "H-Harry? I know you don't believe me but I need you right now" I sobbed down the phone. "I-I believe you" He replied quietly. I was quiet in disbelief. "I trust you Cara, and i'm really trusting you now okay?" He said, gingerly. "Thank you" I replied. "Are you really hurt? Do you want me to call someone?" Harry continued, sounding worried now. "I'll be fine, i'm going to take a few days off of work" I said, reassuring him. It was silent for a moment. "Harry, I love you and miss you so much" I whispered. "I love and miss you more" He replied. "I'm sorry about that asshole trying to set you up" Harry apologised. "It's not your fault" I told him. "But i'm not there to protect you anymore" Harry whined. "Maybe..maybe you could come out here?" I heard him suggest. I was silent. What did he just say?!


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