Baby, look what you've done to me

Cara meets Harry at a party, where she's a nobody and he's most definitely a somebody. Out of all the girls there, Harry feels drawn to Cara - and things get complicated from then on.

(side note: Harry and the boys are famous in this story)


10. Alone


I slammed the door of my house, in an awful mood. What the hell had just happened? Cara had led me on, if she did 'really like me' she wouldn't have gone all quiet like she did back then. I need to stop wasting my time with girls who don't actually like me. I stopped in my tracks as I heard voices, then relaxing when I heard it was the boys. I often came home to find them here, just helping themselves to my food and other household items. I walked into the kitchen to find all 4 of them sitting there, eating breakfast. "Wahey, look who it is! We thought we'd surprise you so you could tell us all about your cute little night out" Louis teased me, although I couldn't bring myself to laugh as I threw my keys down on the counter. "Yeah, shut up Louis" I muttered as I looked through the cupboard. "Woah, what's up? Thought you'd still be all loved up and happy?" Niall asked, concerned. "Just leave it okay? Don't ask about Cara because i'm not seeing her again" I told them before sitting beside Liam at the table. "Why what happened? I thought you both liked each other" Liam edged the question on me. "Yeah so did I, until she threw it all back in my face this morning" I told them, miserably. "Don't worry lad, there's plenty more girls!" Zayn assured me. I kept quiet because I just kept thinking, that I didn't actually want any other girl. I know I told Cara that we shouldn't see each other but I still wanted to see her. I didn't realise how much I actually liked her until now. But what could I do? I'd just left her crying in her flat, I doubt she'd exactly run back into my arms. I ran my hand repeatedly through my hair as I sighed, my mind a muddle.


(sorry this chapter's so short! having a bit of a writer's block right now!)


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