Snatched by Brad

A 15 year old girl who loves The Vamps gets an unexpected and horrible experience meeting a member of The Vamps. She has to decide whether to love him or hate him and never liking The Vamps anymore but it's hard for her since she is literally forced to be next him every where he goes.


4. Road Trips


     It's been two days since I've been outside, since I've seen Brad. Usually I wouldn't care for the outside, I don't I would ever miss the obnoxiously weird weather we have had, but I do. I hear the door open and I jump to my feet, without noticing that I am facing the opposite way of door. Hoping that Brad didn't notice that, I turn around I see Brad and he throws me a bag, it slides towards me without hitting me. 

" Pick out something to wear, we are going on a road trip." Brad says with a smile meant for only me to see. I look to the floor smiling and look at my feet. I look up to find that he already closed the door. I look through the bag of clothes and notice that he packed enough clothes for about four days. I pick the most comfortable clothes I could find. A pair of black tights and a big sweater to go with it. I slip on the boots he left me by the door. When it's time to go, they do the regular routine needed for me to be able to leave and then everything goes black. When I wake up, I am back in the car, I look to see Brad driving. 

"Oh good your up." Brad says with enthusiasm. I move around to get comfortable and I realize that I am not tied to the seat and I look at Brad with confusion.

"Oh yea I took those off about an hour ago." He says. I look out the window to see the usual car following behind, but there's not a car for miles. I smiled thinking that we are truly alone on the road. 

"Where are we going?" I ask with curiosity.

" We are going to meet up with a few people for a few days." Brad says with excitement. I look out the window to see a sign reading "Leaving Arizona". 

"We must be going far to be leaving my hometown." I say with a bit of excitement. I've never actually left Arizona so this is a bit exciting.  He nods without turning away from the road.

"Oh we are going to Big Bear by the way and I rented a cabin there for a few days." He says. I've never been to Big Bear, I've heard of it being some where you would go for vacation or to just get away from the real world. I start to think of who we would be meeting and the only people I could think of would have to be the other band members. I smile believing that I could be them, that I could have a bit of fun for a little while.

"How long till we get there?" I ask hoping it would be soon.

" Eh about an hour, why are you in some kind of hurry or something?" Brad says trying to tease me.

"I'm tired of sitting that's all." I say. I look out the window thinking about how my day would be if this never happened. I would probably be with Lily trying to pick out an outfit for the concert and talking about the boys, the ones I'm going to meet within the hour or two. 

" I promised her I wouldn't meet you guys without her." I say starting to cry a little. He looks at me a bit confused, but in a cute way.I wipe my face before he notices that I started to cry.

"Who?" He asks sounding intrigued.

" My friend Lily, she is in love with you guys, in fact she's the reason I know you guys in the first place." I say humbly. We both stay quite and I look at him thinking that Lily would love to be me right now, I don't even think she would care about the whole situation other than that she is stuck with Brad, the Brad Simpson.

" Can you do me a favor?" I ask hoping he would say yes.

"Depending on what it is first." Brad says.

"I promised someone something, and I don't like breaking promises." I say.

"Does it involve a phone?" He asks. I nod and I see him go for his pocket and pull something out, his iPhone. He starts to hand to me, but when I reach to grab it, he pulls back.

" If I do this, can I trust you to not to give any hints about what's going on?" He asks hesitantly. I nod and he gives me the phone.

" Do you mind if I mention you?" I ask. He nods. I dial Lilly's number, but before I press the call button I let in a deep breath and Brad interrupts me.

"Oh by the way, your family and friends believe your in protective custody so yea." He says. I nod and I press call. I hear the ringing hoping to god that she picks up, since I haven't talked to any one but Brad and the other band members in about three days. Suddenly I hear her voice and I jump with joy.

"Hello?" she says.

"Hey Lily, it's me, May."

" Omg! May I miss you ever since you left. I heard what happened and I'm sorry."

"Thanks, but I have a surprise for you since I won't be able to go to the concert with you."

"What is it? Are you coming to visit our something?" I look at Brad and smile, he looks and smiles back.

"You have computer right?" I say to Brad, covering the phone. He nods

"Perfect, well no not exactly, but I've got something better for you. Something that you would never think would happen." 

"Ooh what is it please tell me, please."

"Well this is only part one of the surprise." I look at Brad giving him a look that has him guessing what I'm going to ask. He nods and gestures for the phone.

"Lily someone wants to talk to you, okay."

"Okay" Lily says. I give Brad the phone but I pull back to say something.

"Be nice, she is like your biggest fan." I say teasing him. I give him the phone and. He makes a face which was pretty funny, so I giggle a little.

"Hello" he says with his British voice, and suddenly I hear a scream coming from the other line. It's so loud that Brad has remove the phone from his ear, so loud that I can hear her scream clearly. After she calms down they start to talk for a while every once in a while he would look at me and smile while talking to Lily. He hands me the phone when I hear him say goodbye.

"Hello?" I ask hoping to hear Lily crying with joy.

" You know how much I love you right now?" I laugh.

"Yea I know you, that's why I did this, but that's only the first part of the surprise, there's more."

"Eeep! I wish I was there with you right now." I laugh and think, maybe this isn't so bad after all, well all the parts that involve being with Brad anyways.

"Look I'll call you later I have to go but hope you liked that."

" Are you kidding, I LOVED that." She says.

"Well bye."

"Bye" I hang up and give Brad back his phone and smile at him.

"Thanks for that, it helped alot ." I say not even noticing that we were already in Big Bear.

"It's the least I could for what I did." I nod and look out the window to see all of the house, they were huge.

" My god, these houses are huge." I say with impression.

"Of you think this is huge, then you haven't seen anything." He says while looking at me with a smile.

"Were here!" He says with excitement. I look forward to see the house that I was going to be staying in and my jaw just dropped. We looked at each other and smiled.

"You ready?" He asks. 














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