Snatched by Brad

A 15 year old girl who loves The Vamps gets an unexpected and horrible experience meeting a member of The Vamps. She has to decide whether to love him or hate him and never liking The Vamps anymore but it's hard for her since she is literally forced to be next him every where he goes.


2. Everything gets complicated


       "I'm sorry I have to do this, but it's protocol." Brad say  with a bit  of regret. Why, why me I repeatedly think in my head. I can barely look at, even though all I wanted was to meet him. I look at him and he's not looking, he pulls out a rag and I start to freak out, struggling to move forgetting that I'm handcuffed to the seat. He drop  what he I  doing and looks at me and says " Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you nor is anybody else." He touches my face with one hand and grabs the rag with chloroform with the other, " Wait! " I says, " Why me, what did I do to deserve this." "Nothing, but I'll explain later, please just work with right now." He lifts up the rag and I start to resist but without physically hurting me, he successfully puts me back to sleep once again. 

     This time I wake up and I'm not in a car seat handcuffed, but being dragged by two people, I start to kick and resist and they drop me on the ground by the voice of the one and only Brad. He looks at me and says " it's okay, no need to worry". He winks at me and he wraps his arm around my arm and so does the other man and they continue to drag me. Once we got to our destination they dropped my and before they could take another step, I jumped to my feet and ran to the first opening that I could find, I start to hear footsteps chasing me from behind getting closer, like they were faster than mine. I am so close to the door but then I feel the warmth of a pair of hand wrap around me and with a sudden stop my feet fly forwards and I let out  a slightly high scream. I then know who is holding me, Brad. Who also covers my mouth so that I can't scream anymore. He puts me on the floor and the man and him leave locking the door behind him.

    I get up to look around  the room they left me in. There's a chair in the corner on the right and a single sized bed on the left, I walk towards the bed and there is a shirt and pants on the bed. I look down at the clothes I have on now, witch is my pajamas I had on when they pulled me out of bed. I decide to put on the given clothes and sit on the the bed waiting for what lays ahead for me. " Come on get up" a man says, with a British accent so it's probably Brad. Trying to get all of the sleep out of my eyes, it is Brad. I sit up no  even remembering that I even fell asleep in the first place he grabs my arm and says "Don't  try anything stupid this time please." I give him a quick but silent laugh thinking how in the world would saying please be acceptable right now. Trying to keep up with his pace, the walk gets a little hard and I tell him that I need to catch a breath for a minute. "Fine but you have two minutes and then we start walking again." I nod whilst catching my breathing, I skim the room, which looks like a big warehouse and I see rooms that look just like the one I was In. " Is there others?" I say hoping that there is, even though I know that it's a bit selfish. Hoping that it's not only me. " That That one of your concern, now get up, you time is up." Brad says with a little annoyed tone in his voice. We start walking and we walk towards a room that is different, a man opens it and I see a table with restraints and I stop moving. But two bigger men grab my arm and Brad lets go but doesn't leave the room. The men slam me down on the table and starts to align my hands and feet to the restraints. " Leave the room" everyone but Brad is out of the room and he locks the door behind the last man to leave. " You've got some explaining to do."  I say with a bit of anger and confusion. He nods while walking towards me. " if I take off these restraints off, will you please not try to run or anything that will cause me to get help from one of those men out there?" I nod thinking that it's worthless to even try and I want to hear what he has to say. "Ok, I'm trusting you." Worryingly saying. He starts with removing the cuffs from my feet and then my hands. While he was taking the cuffs off of my hands his bare hands touched my arm and a sudden rush went through me. His touch was warm and innocent, but why was he doing this to me. I get up and hold my wrists which hurt from all of the handcuffs. " Well?" I say anxiously waiting for something to come out of his mouth. 

"Shhh" he says. "I don't want them listening to our conversation".

"Okay?" Whispering loud enough so only he could hear.

"Here goes nothing. " hesitantly saying.





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