Snatched by Brad

A 15 year old girl who loves The Vamps gets an unexpected and horrible experience meeting a member of The Vamps. She has to decide whether to love him or hate him and never liking The Vamps anymore but it's hard for her since she is literally forced to be next him every where he goes.


3. Confusing Lies or Truths?


 "You need to listen, please!" Brad says panicky

"So your saying that your undercover by snatching fans of your band for what purpose exactly?" I ask unconvinced.

"Well sort of, but you, I didn't know you even knew me, if I knew you were a fan then I wouldn't of picked you." saying it while pacing back and forth nonstop. While he is moving back and forth really fast, it starts to make me dizzy, very dizzy.

"STOP! Your making me dizzy, could you explain this to me very clearly, please?"  I say trying to make sense of his story.

" They needed someone young and good at laying low. So they tried kids on the streets, but they didn't work, so they started going through all they foreign celebrities until they found me." He explained.

"Who's they exactly?" I asked.

"They are the undercover agency trying to expose a kidnapping program that I am pretending  to work for." Brad says with a low whispering voice.

"Ok, so what do the girls that get taken do when they are here, can you tell me that?" I asked.

"Never mind that, I need to figure out what to do about this situation." Saying will a slightly calmer voice.

" Well if your telling the truth why don't you put me back, let me go, I'm supposed to be going to your concert in two weeks." I say hoping it would work.

" No that's not possible, I already picked you, it's a done deal." Brad says with a little more panic in his voice. He turns his attention to his watch. While I try to figure out how to get out of here but I already know that's useless.

"Times  up, come on lets go, but first I want to say one more thing before we leave this room." Brad says firmly.

"Well what is it?" I say a bit worried.

" I promise that, whatever goes down, I won't lay a finger on you at all, I just wanted  to let you know." Brad says with truth in his voice. I nod and the door opens and the two men and Brad walk towards me, Brad grabs me by the arm and pulls me to another room. This time its a dressing room. 

"Put something nice on, and hurry up." Brad says. He closes the door and I turn around to see that there's a rack full of clothes, that look a bit out of my budget. I chose a red skater skirt, with a flower embedded white crop top and a white cotton cardigan with white converse shoes.

"I'm finished!" I yell. Brad then walks in like he's in a rush to get somewhere. He walks me down to the middle of the building and we stop.

"Hurry up and get it over with." Brad says. Confused I turn around with  Brad still holding me I see a man with a rag full of, of course, chloroform, he covers my face and I fall into Brad 's arms. I wake up in a small car handcuffed to the front seat, only not noticeable to anyone looking in. He looks at me and smiles.

" Really, again with the chloroform!" I say angrily.

"It's protocol, I've told you this before, don't you listen?" He says a bit annoyed. I look at the papers on the middle council with the writings,  " Live Concert by The Vamps Tonight At Eight", then I instantly figure out were we are going.

"Really, your taking me to a concert, well that's just nice." I say kind of excited but sarcastically.

"Yep, I have to, your not allowed out of my sight, since I'm in charge of you." Brad says with a small grin.

"Oh by the way, I like your outfit, it suits you." Brad says with a smile.

"Thanks, but really are the handcuffs necessary?" Saying with hope that he might take them off. He nods and I look forward and I see the arena, thinking that maybe I could have a chance to run, since its just me and him. 

" We're here, but we have to wait for Stocker", he says. Well my chance to escape is completely ruined, now that he has someone with us. I roll my eyes and wait. My car for door opens and its Stocker, guessing that that's who Brad was waiting for, since Brad starts to get out the car. Brad comes over and noticeably takes the handcuffs off and puts them on the floorboard where my feet are. 

"Come on, get up." Brad says while grabbing my arm. We all three walk in and look around to see barriers holding crazed fans that have VIP necklaces around their necks screaming the name Brad Simpson.  I roll my eyes and look forward. We turn the corner and I feel a sudden urge to stop because Brad stopped and I saw him starting to breath hard and deep. 

"Play along." He says and continues to move. I look forward and I see  the other members of The Vamps. I look around and see that we passed a dressing room with the name of Brad Simpson on it. I'm guessing that's where I'm supposed to be while he is on stage. I feel Brad 's hand slide down my arm and without looking feel his warmth on my arm disappear, so that means he let me go, hoping to trust me.

"Hey mate, your cutting it a bit close don't you think?" Tristan says with a teasing kind of tone.

" Well I had to go pick up our contest winner from her house." Brad said trying to come up with a good explanation on why I'm here.

" Hey, what's your name?" Asked Conner.

" Just call me May." I say trying come up with a name that sounds a bit more common. Brad looks at me and smiles, while I look at the other boys trying not to look scared in any way. 

"I am going to show her to my dressing room, where she will be staying and I will be out as soon as possible." Brad says trying to escape the awkward silence. We turn around and I start to cry inside a little, thinking that that was my chance to rat him out, but I didn't, but why didn't I?

"Thanks for making that easy for me." He says with relief. He takes me into his dressing room. 

" I won't be long, it will only be about eh maybe two hours at the maximum." Brad says while brushing his hair.

" Two hours! What am I suppose to do for two hours?" I say trying to get someone's attention from the outside, but doesn't work. I look around the colorful room and see that he left the door open and I might have a chance to run, even though I would have to be fast since he's about five feet away from the door. What the heck, I think, I slowly get up and start running, I see him run towards the door, slam it and grab me and push me against the wall next to the door with his hands holding mine against the wall. 

"Really? Can you please not make me have to tie you up please? Brad says with a bit of disappointment. While his hands are holding mine against the wall, his warmth of his breath hitting my skin and his eyes glued to mine, we stay their for a few minutes and then he lets go of me, waiting for me to move away from the door, my only escape route.

"Can I trust you to stay here or what?" He asks with heavy breathing. I walk back towards the couch and nod.

" I have to go, but I'll be back when we get an intermission but Stocker will be outside  if you decide to try anything else like that." Brad says while he puts on a pair of shoes and walks out the door while closing the door behind him. I sigh while grabbing a water bottle that was put on the table next to me. With nothing to do I lay my head on one of the pillows on the couch and close my eyes. Suddenly I feel the rush of someone nudging me to get up. I rub my eyes so that the sleep can disappear and so that I could see clearly, it's Brad.

"Well you were tired since you slept through the whole concert, I tried waking you up during intermission but you wouldn't respond so I left you to sleep." Brad says with a bit of trust and relief. He pulls his hands out towards me and I grab his hand while he leads me out the door towards the other band members. He says his goodbyes and Tristan comes up to give me a hug, so does Connor and James without a clue  about what's really going on. Brad then leads me outside the venue to his car with Stocker behind us, Brad opens the car door and gestures me to sit down, so I do, willingly. He grabs the handcuffs and cuffs me back to the seat whilst I sit there quietly. When Brad starts the car he looks at me but I just look forwards.

"You did good, after the little incident you pulled earlier.“ Brad says with excitement. We sit there in silence for about an hour and then we come to stop, and I have a feeling that I know what's coming next.

"Please no please, I don't want to be chloroformed, please, I'll pretend, anything please!" I say with fear. He drops the rag and looks  at me.

" Promise, I can get caught if you aren't chloroformed." He says with hesitation. I nod and he puts away the rag and starts driving again.

"Thanks." I say with relief. He nods, but doesn't look at me.

"Okay, pretend your sleeping and don't make a sudden move." Brad says with regret. I nod and close my eyes. I hear the car doors open, Brad 's first then mine. I can feel the handcuffs loosen and Brad 's hands go underneath me. I can feel myself being lifted up from the seat. I hear a door open and I can feel that beautiful warm touch that Brad has every time he touches me. I hear another four open and then Brad jolts to a stop. He gently lowers me on a bed, and whispers in my ear. 

"Thank you."






















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