Snatched by Brad

A 15 year old girl who loves The Vamps gets an unexpected and horrible experience meeting a member of The Vamps. She has to decide whether to love him or hate him and never liking The Vamps anymore but it's hard for her since she is literally forced to be next him every where he goes.


1. Beginning s can be good or bad


      It was getting dark outside and it was hard for me to go to sleep. I was In bed thinking about my date with my best friend Lily and how excited I was to go and meet The Vamps. My mom had gotten two VIP and backstage access tickets to their concert here in two weeks, it's the only thing I have been talking about since my mom got the tickets. All of a sudden I hear the front door open and since I'm already in bed I am too lazy to get up because I know who opened the door, my mom, so I just close my eyes and try to go to sleep. But I hear footsteps coming up the stairs I start to panic a little, but maybe it's just my big brother so I calm down a little. I start to fade to sleep and all of a sudden something grabs my feet and I am being dragged out of bed. I fall off my bed and bang my head onto the floor hearing a big bang. I see two men one looks like he is about sixteen or seventeen. It's really hard for me to see since its a bit dark, I see one of the men take out rag. " no please no" I beg uselessly hoping they won't but I know what's on the rag, chloroform. I start to struggle but the younger one holds me down, putting his glove-covered hands around both of my arms, hard enough to where I can feel the redness of my arms starting to form. The older man gets closer with the rag and I to kick and then my eyes meet with the younger man, all I can think about is how come his brown eyes look so familiar. Then then everything goes completely black.  "Ow my head hurts" is all I can say when I wake up, with my vision a little bit fuzzy. I look around  and all I can make out is a window and a road on the other side of the window.  I'm in a car , maybe I wasn't suppose to wake up this early for them but I'm up. Remembering what happened last night gets me scared, but the chloroform hasn't fully worn off so all I can do is move a little. I try to lift my hands up but I feel something keep in  them down, handcuffs. So scared to see who's driving I keep my face toward the window. "Your awake I see",  the voice is British and familiar but I still can't put my finger on who it is. First the eyes and now the voice, I have to turn and see who it is. I notice that it is only me and him in the car but where's the older man the one who chloroformed me. I hear the British boy talking but I'm to busy thinking to know what he is saying. "How's your head? Sorry for  pulling you out of bed so hard." He says like he is worried about me. " Why would you care?" I say with proud but scared hatred. I turn around once I rregain my full vision back and out of the corner of my eye the man has brown curly hair. "You don't sound like someone who would snatch a 15 year old girl from her bed at night." I say with a hint of sarcasm. He gives a little laugh and says " I'm not." I turn around with full power and before I can say any nasty remark I make out his face and I know exactly who is driving. " Brad, Brad Simpson! "  before he could look at me I turn around towards the window and start to cry but silently enough so that he can't hear.










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