First day of school

Today is the first day of my new school and I went to the schools office and got my schedule and my locker number. As soon as I walked out of the office I bumped into this girl she was really pretty she had blonde hair and blue eyes. Then i said " hi I'm so sorry let me help you pick your books up"she replied with

"Oh hi thanks I'm lily"

"I'm Katie you don't happen to know where room 101 is for history do you I'm new"

" you have that lesson I'm in that lesson to you can walk with me!"

"Oh thanks but first before we go can you show me where my locker is it's number 81"

" OMG are you serious your locker is the locker next to the biggest bad boy in the school! His name is LUKE HEMMINGS ! Your so lucky!!

"Oh cool "

At my locker

"We have history first then art so you will need to get them books."


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