3. New chapter

In history

In history I introduced myself to my teacher her name is miss bond and then once the rest of the class got here she introduced me to the rest of the class. I decided to sit next to lily because she's my only friend at the moment.

*skip to lunch*

At lunch me and lily sat on a table and while we were eating the cutest boy I've ever seen walked up to us he had blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Then I realised a group of his friends came over As well he said

"Lily whose your new friend?"

"Oh this is Katie she's just arrived at this school"

"I think I should go through some rules with her so she knows how to act in my school"

Then after he said that he came up to me and said

" this is my school you do not want to mess with me or you will regret it okay?"


With that he left. Lily quickly turned around to me and said "do you know who that was?"

"No. Who was it?"

"That was Luke hemmings"

" oh"

*skip to science*

We had science last and I told my teacher who I was and he told me my seat. About half way through the lesson Luke came into the lesson and said to Luke

" how nice of you to join us mr hemmings "

He smirked at the comment and sat down next to me. The teacher carried on with the lesson then he handed out worksheets and said to work with the person next to you on the worksheet.

Once we had the worksheet Luke said

"So how are you enjoying this school?"

I thought to myself if I don't say anything with sass then I won't get noticed so I decided to be a bit cheeky and say

"Okay until I met you"

"What did I do?" He smirked at my sass.

"You think your so high and mighty and everyone will do as you say you try to give me rules to follow bit I won't have it i won't follow orders from you!"

"I think you'll find if you will because I know really how you feel about me" he replied and then winked.

I knew that he would be a challenge as soon as we finished the worksheet we got let out early so I decided to go to my locker when I got there I realised Luke was right behind me I opened my locker and said

"Why are you following me?"

"No I'm not following you my locker is right next to yours"

"Oh yeah I forgot lily told me your locker is next to mine" I said bluntly "yay" I said sarcastically he smirked at my remark and said

"Don't be like that babe any girl would love to spend quality time with me" and he then winked with that I decided to walk home while walking I bumped into these three guys and guess who ... Luke.

"Sorry" I quickly said then Luke said

"I'll forgive you if you give me a kiss"

"Oh well I'll just have to live with it and not be forgiven then" I then felt a hand on my wrist and suddenly I was being pushed against a tree and Luke's soft lips gently touched mine and kissed me. I heard one of Luke's friends say

" looks like Luke has found his new victim" he quickly pulled away and said to me

"You do what I say, you play by my rules"

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