The Best Nightmare

"Sometimes the best way to deal with insomnia is to pretend you're invisible."


10. Distant, Yet So Close.

It's been eight days since my talk with Calum. So far, our break hasn't been eventful; mostly just what you could expect from a girl and four weird man-children. In other words, just us fucking around in their LA house.


It's awesome, by the way. Whoever got this house deserves a medal, seriously.

"AINDRIE GET OVER HERE QUICK!" I hear Calum scream from his room, and I start running.

I should've known, honestly. As soon as my foot was past the door, eight hands grabbed at my legs, and I fell, with a shriek.

"FUCK!" My voice rings throughout the house, as I lay on the floor, four tree-sized boys on top of me. Michael giggles and puts a piece of paper in front of my nose. "What's this?" My irritation is pushed aside by curiosity. They let me sit up, and I start to read aloud.

"Dearest Aindrie," I begin, confusion starting to gather inside my brain. 

"Go on!" They urge me.

"I saw you here in LA,walking towards the house I hope you're in now. So I slipped this letter under the door, in hopes of you finding it. This is your uncle. You might be wondering how the hell I know who you are, or who the hell I am, because your adoption mother never talked of me, and your birth mother (my sister) decided she didn't have enough responsibility for a child. Anyway, I live a couple streets away from you, just look for the sign that says 'Moons'. Please come visit, and I'll tell you anything you want to know." I look up, to find Calum's eyes. We stare at each other in silence for a few moments, before Michael wraps his arm around my waist and takes the letter from me.

"Are you gonna go?" His voice is quiet, and sounds sort of upset.

"I think so." I sigh, and Ashton makes a noise.

"What?" I tilt my head at him, and his mouth opens, then closes.

"Are you going to come back?" Luke slowly and carefully speaks as though he has trouble talking.

"Of course! Why is that even a question?" I narrow my eyes, unsure of where things were going.

"Because we'd miss you." Calum whispers, but then stands up, and walks out of the room.

"I'm going right now." I say, then grip Michael's arm and pull him out of the house with me.

"Why do I have to come?" He whines, following behind me.

"Because, Michael. I don't want to get raped, and I have a few things to talk to you about." His back stiffened instantly, his breath hinting at nervous air.

"Do you know anything about Calum's secret crush?" My first question confuses him, disappointing me. I need to know how much of it he was making up. There's no way he was telling the full truth.

"No. I didn't know he liked anyone. I have no idea." His last statement is a lie, and we both know it. Him, because he knows something I don't, and me, because I know when someone tells a lie.

But, as it stands, I'll just have to deal with not knowing.

"Do you really think I should go see him? My uncle?" I speak carefully, and stare at my feet.

"Sure. Everyone else is dead and gone, right? He's the only one you know exists." Michael rests his arm around my shoulders, and continues. "As long as you come back. We didn't go through all that trouble with security for you to leave us in a month. I kinda like having you around, y'know?"

I snorted, then looked up to lightly elbow his side. "For what, making sure you don't cry when you're drunk on a bus?"

He smiles down at me, his eyes sparkling and his face resembling that of a kitten. "Yes, exactly that."

We stop, standing in front of a brick house. Beside the porcelain white door hangs a black sign. If I squint, I can read moons in cursive, and brush my hand against Michael's arm.

"Ready?" He whispers, and I tap my knuckles against the door.

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