The British Exchange program

"Slowly the doors shut and I knew a new adventure was beginning"

Sophie Andrew's is selected along with her other band members to travel to America and participate in the schools battle of the bands but things take an unexpected turn.

Sophie falls for the person she'd least expect, turning her life upside down, inside out and every other way. She can't stay and he can't go. America is not quite what she thought it would be. She has a decision to make and better make it soon.


4. Chapter 4

I pull on my blue floral dress carefully, minding my stitches. Cam chose my clothes today, I need to make people think that what happened yesterday didn't affect me, even though I want nothing more than to go home and forget the whole thing.

I walk down to the kitchen, reading through the notes of our band's idea for the battle of the bands. Our song choice is pretty weak, I heard the band Cheek is using Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive. We need something that can compete. I walk pass Belle and towards Leyton.

"Our song choice is weak, is it possible to change?" I ask as I flip through my songbook. Leyton smiles. 

All we need is a song that has emotion!" He continues.

"I agree, something I can put passion into, something with meaning," I say, smiling. I start writing down the odd lyric and song name across the page.

 "Can we decide on a name before a song?" Cam says passing me the Poptart box "You were given the power to name us, Sophie. So, what's our name?" I shrug  eat my Poptart.

"Why do I have to name us?" Rhys smiles at me and I know what's coming next. "You are the front man and you have to introduce us . You'll be saying it more than the rest of us"

"Leyton, any ideas?" He shrugs.

"Well, think of one!" Rhys demands, he dives and takes my Poptart out my hand. "Name us," He says holding it out my reach. I tap my chin as I think of a perfect name. My brain starts to think. 

I think really hard and come across a word in my notebook. Then it clicks in my head. "Misunderstood," I say loud enough for them to hear. Rhys smiles and gives me back my Poptart to show he approves. The others nod and smile. "Moving on to the next order of business, the song" Cam begins to talk but she stops and glares at something behind us.

Belle walks in wearing Cams favorite band t-shirts and my black skirt. "What are you doing?" Cam says, her voice hushed, her eyes dark and her jaw clenched. "Dressing nicely, What else would I be doing?" Belle says spinning. Cam walks straight up to her and pulls down the skirt and wrestling the t-shirt off her torso. "Leave our stuff alone, I don't want fleas!"

I hold back a laugh as she runs out the room. That girl is so weird, she just doesn't know how to be polite or even care for a person, she was adopted as a baby and when she found out she just became rude and shut herself away. I tried being friends but she bit me. Who does that?

I decide to leave earlier than yesterday as I really don't want to be around when Belle comes back down. "I'll see you guys at school. I want to take a walk"

"I'll come with you?" Leyton asks. I smile but he clearly isn't ready yet and just being polite. I kiss his cheek and walk towards the door. The laughter begins again behind me as I leave. The door clicks shut behind me and the rays from the sun beat down on my skin. My bag hangs from one shoulder because of the stitches and I retrace the steps we all walked the day before.

Flowers decorate the street, fresh cut grass fills the air and it reminds me of home. Each garden is different but none of them are overgrown. Summer is a beautiful time of year.

I wonder a little further admiring the flowers as I go, until I don't recognize my surroundings, lost on some random street. Not sure what to do right now, should I walk back? It is such a normal thing for me to do this.

I hear a car engine come up behind me and I must admit I panic a little. "The next left," A deep voice says as a car drives past me. I look at it trying to get a clear view of the driver but they are already gone. Well, thanks stranger!

Walking down the road, I notice the school bus drive past turning left.  Not wanting to waste any more time, I head off towards the school. A few people look at me, others just smile and some blank me. Thank God. I am not remembered by anyone for what happened yesterday.

I walk to my locker and find Brooklyn and his clones there. "Good morning,  mind moving out the way?" I say really preppy. They stare at me. "Someone's happy today!" The other boy, Ky, smiles,  "Was not expecting that"

"What is that suppose to mean!?" I  bite back, his hands shoot up in surrender before he leaves completely.  "Move," I say to Brooklyn.  He merely chuckles and whispers to Max who just looks at my shoulder.  I push my hair onto my shoulder, hoping to hide what is visible of my scar. I try to regain my confidence and wait for them to move. I know I have lost all confidence that I previously had. About to abandon this situation, I am saved. "Run along now, Sweetie," Cam says, towards Max more than Brooklyn.

"Looking well this morning, Cam" Sarcasm drips from his words like poison before he storms away. She laughs gently than turns towards me. "Ignore the toad. Get your books then and well head off to English!" I hug my friend and follow her request to a T.

Walking into the classroom, I notice people stop and stare as Cam and I enter. It's a strange feeling that people want to know you and things about you even though yesterday they didn't even know you existed. 

"How nice of you to join us, ladies!" The female teacher says, sarcasm clear in her words. "You are ever so welcome" Cam replies, being just as sarcastic as she always is. She has learned quickly that here, her sarcasm won't be pick up but mistaken as politeness. 

The teacher looks at Cam, trying to get a read on her. She is a very slender woman and her face is framed by black hair. She very much reminds me of a fairytale witch. She does teach English so maybe her hobbies include eating failing students.

"Miss Marshall, you are next to Max and Miss Andrews you are next to Ky" The way this woman looks at them is an expression of awe. Another person who is infatuated with these boys.  Cam gives me a devilish smile as she takes her seat next to Max, that poor guy is going to go through hell sitting next to her. I pull out the chair next to Ky, glancing at him from the corner of my eye.

"Don't worry, I don't bite!" He whispers as I sit down, pulling out my books. "Shame, I do!'" I smirk at him as he looks at me strangely, probably because girls don't talk back to him but rather throw themselves at him. He turns to face our teacher and write down the notes she had on the board. 

My pen slides comfortably across the page as I write the links between 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'My last duchess'. "OK, discuss your views with your partner,  no off-task talking!" Our teacher, Miss Brinkley shouts from her behind her computer screen. Is she even paying attention to her class?

I groan a little as I twist myself to face Ky who sat smirking at me. "You know, you never thanked me," he says.

"For what?"

"Giving you directions this morning" Disbelieve washes over me. It was not him! It couldn't have been, could it? "That wasn't you!" I hiss, refusing to give him the satisfaction of helping me. That awful smirk sits proudly on his face. I turn back to my book and read through my ideas. Ignoring anything further he has to say.

"QUIET IN 3....2....1. Good, Sophie gives me your ideas on the play please" The whole class turns to look at the British girl squirming under Miss Brinkley's gaze.

I look down at my page, I start to play with my pen nervously before I begin to voice my ideas. "Um... I thought that Capulet and the Duke have a lot in common as they are both trying to control the women in their lives and mold them into the perfect women" I look up from my page and look around,  people are staring strangely at me. I look at the front where Brooklyn sits smiling at me,  an actual smile! "Nice job, Andrews" He mouths. My stomach flutters nervously as his eyes stay on me. Can he look away me?

Others give their views on the two masterpieces of the English language,  but I sit and watch the clock. Seconds go by, it still feels too early to be here. Ky taps his pen against the table and stares at the board, I doubt he's even paying attention to the things happening around him.

"OK ladies and gentlemen, write me a story that shows pure heartbreak from one character and the other feeling content. You are now free to leave my room" Miss Brinkley dismiss us rather rudely but I can leave so I don't mind. I look around at the others, some sit writing the final notes others form groups and leave loudly and slowly.

I walk slowly to the front where Cam stands next to Front table. As I approach her she smiles and watches Max leave. I lean on the table and laugh. "When you are done undressing him...." I tease, she hits me gently on the arm. Something about Cam seems off, strange even.

"I'm not done with him, yet" She smirks,  walking out the door after him. Through the many people, I see Rhys standing outside with Layton. Pushing off the table it slides back sending a screech into the air. Miss Brinkley glares at me, her eyes flicker behind me.

I turn and notice the drawing on the desk, an Angel sits wearing a blue dress, her hair swept to one side. She is happily sat next to a demon. The demon has shabby hair and all his clothes are shaded in darkly. The two sit holding hands, the only colour on the entire picture is the angels dress as if symbolises something.

I gasp at it, noticing a bold line above the angel, one that is out of place. "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" His voice deep and soothing although anger is threaded through each word. "I.....I am so sorry!" I gasp still looking at the picture.

"Andrews! Should have known" I lift my eyes to see none other than Brooklyn.  "What's that supposed to mean, Hotshot?" I growl defensively.

"Just leave will you! You don't belong here!" His pencil glides across the page of his notebook, I just turn and mumble "Pathetic" at him. He can draw, he's amazing at it but he is still an asshole.

I reach Rhys  and Leyton in the hallway. Leyton senses something is upsetting me and rests his arm on my shoulder, places a kiss on my head and leads me towards the lunch hall. I look over my shoulder and see Brooklyn glaring at me. All this over a drawing.

"Chin up, they have Jelly!" Rhys laughs, passing me a tub of orange jelly. "I think it's called Jell-O here" I smile. Jelly is one of the best things ever. This trip just got better.

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