The British Exchange program

"Slowly the doors shut and I knew a new adventure was beginning"

Sophie Andrew's is selected along with her other band members to travel to America and participate in the schools battle of the bands but things take an unexpected turn.

Sophie falls for the person she'd least expect, turning her life upside down, inside out and every other way. She can't stay and he can't go. America is not quite what she thought it would be. She has a decision to make and better make it soon.


3. Chapter 3

~~"Thank you very much for that amazing performance!" Mr. Mitchell says clapping his hands together. He's a short man with a buzz cut on his head and a 5 o'clock shadow on his chin. "I think you guys should perform at our battle of the bands, it would be a great experience for you".

"We would love too!" Cam smiles. Leyton and I walk to two empty tables at the back, one next to the wall, the other next to one of Brooklyn's friend. Leyton quick to grab the seat next to the wall, leaving me no choice but to sit next to the Brooklyn clone.

"OK, So in preparation for the battle of the bands, each band will choose a song they want to perform. But it has to be appropriate!" A faint mumble-filled the room before being dismissed.

Rhys is quick to appear, his drumsticks pointing out from his back pocket. Cam slides onto the desk, book in hand with each song that we can play. "That was impressive almost as good as us," Brooklyn's friend says."Max, by the way. Keep the swooning to a minimum" He laughs as he rises from his desk. "Swooning? I would never "Swoon" over you and your oversized ego!" Cam shots at him, his eyes grow dark. "Not use to being shot down?" Cam asks sarcastically, "Get use to it, sweetheart!" She turns round to face me, her face full of amusement. "Its fun" She laughs.

Leyton throws out another idea of doing Pink Floyd. "No way!" Cam protests. "Let's do something more....modern with the same rock 'n' roll feel!"

"Taylor Swift,smiles," I say, knowing I am being ignored. "Justin Beiber"

"What? No way So" Rhys complains.

"Now you notice me!" I mutter, letting them get back to their discussion. I tap my foot on the floor, humming my favourite Bowling for Soup song. "Sophie, that song, what is it?" Rhys asks.

"1985 by Bowling for Soup" I smile at his sudden interest in me.

"Sing it!"

"Debbie just hit the wall,

She never had it all,

One Prozac a day,

Husband's a CPA"

"We have our song!" Leyton smiles high fiving each person.

A boy wearing a leather jacket walks over to me and grabs my arm pulling me off the chair, my body hitting the floor hard. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"  Cam screams as she pulls me up. Blood dripping out of my newly cut shoulder , soaking into my Jake t-shirt. "My bad" he laughs, pushing Cam away from me and into the desk. I wince as I try to look at my arm. Mr. Mitchell walks over screaming and shouting, only getting louder when he sees my shoulder. "LEE WILSON GET OUT OF THIS ROOM NOW!" The boy laughs and walks out the room, a deep chuckle leaving his mouth. "Are you OK?" Mr. Mitchell asks, wincing at the sight of blood.

"A little dizzy" I laugh slightly, taking a seat. My whole arm is covered in blood, the only visible skin being the tips of my fingers. A ring of students has formed around me, all gasping at me and pointing. "Er...Brooklyn and Max, can you take her to the reception please and tell them to call an ambulance!" Mr. Mitchell says  panicking. He starts placing paper towels on my shoulder. Panic covers my face. Not a hospital, I hate them. "She can't go alone!" Cam protests loudly, hands on her hips.

"She's not alone, she has Brooklyn and Max" I stand up, I catch my reflection in the lens of some girls sunglasses that she has hanging in her shirt collar. My face pale and my body shaking due to lack of blood. "Let's go!" Brooklyn grabs my clean arm and walks me to the door. Max opens the door leading us into the hallway, silence haunting every corner. "Pick her Brooklyn, she can't walk properly and she needs help!" My feet twist out to the sides causing me to walk like a drunk man. "Pick me up, and I'll kill you" I shot him a look.

"Sorry, Princess"

My body lifts off the floor, my weight shifting into my shoulders. A loud moan escapes my mouth as the pain surges through me. "Shh,succeding" Brooklyn soothes. The light from the window lights up Brooklyn, making him look like an angel. His warmth filling her body. "Max go ahead and ask for an ambulance!" My eyes start to pull shut, my vision starts getting blurry. "Sophie, tell me about yourself!" His voice full of panic and fear. I laugh at him and start to talk quietly. "It's just a little blood. I will walk it off" I say trying to sound succeeding the most part.

"You can't walk very well at the moment" His sarcastic tones makes me laugh.

"I am in a band. I love Koalas, they are so cute!" I laugh a little and moan as I hit my shoulder again. Words keep pouring out my mouth as we walk faster down the hall way. "Can you put me down? I would like to walk" God, he is annoying, I told him I can walk.

Brooklyn pushes open a white door and places me on the bed inside. "Lee will leave you alone" Brooklyn looks at my small body lying on the bed. My t-shirt a blend of red and yellow and my skin pale as a sheet in contrast to the other colours. "The ambulance is here Sophie," Max says walking in with 2 paramedics behind him. He smiles at me once before leaving the room. "No, no the hospital! I shout, "not alone". I grab Brooklyn's arm, "Get Cam" My arms go limp and I have reached the point of pure fatigue and before I  know it the black will consume me before I reach the ambulance. 

I open my eyes and see the paramedic above shining a little torch into my eyes. "Hello, I am Mia, you've had an accident. Can you tell me your name?"

"Sophie Andrew"

"Good. We are going to take you to the hospital and get you some stitches. The bleeding has slowed and has almost stopped" I close my eyes and listen to the humming of the engine and the chatter over the intercom.

I am wheeled into the ER with a pad pushed on my shoulder. A young happy woman greats me before taking the wheelchair and wheeling me towards a small bed surrounded by curtains. "Can you get on the bed?" She smiles at and I maneuver myself onto the bed. She removes the pad and starts cleaning up the last bit of blood off my shoulder before she prepared the needle and began weaving it in and out of my cut.

"All done" She smiles. 

"Thank you"

"If you make your way over to the front desk the lady will help you"Ileave the ER and follow the signs to the reception. "Sophie Andrews"

"Your medical bills will be sorted by when your parent or guardian comes to pick you up. Until then you are free to wait over there and help yourself to some coffee or other refreshments from the canteen". Her eyes wonder to one of the doctors as he walks past. I giggle at her, causing the receptionist to grow red.

"If you are trying to impress him, ditch the red and try a light pink. More is less" The receptionist smiles and nods a little.


"No problem". I walk over to a row of blue chairs and take a seat on one. I look around at all the people in the waiting room. Some have their hands wrapped up, others their legs or various other body parts. Behind one woman, who was nursing a black eye, the wall was made of glass showing who was entering next. To my utter relief, it was Mr. Coleman and Cam. "Sophie!" Cam screams running in and wrapping her around me, making me wince in pain. "Sorry!" Cam says letting go, I giggle a little bit. "Can I see it?"

"Sure" I pull the little, thin strap off my shoulder revealing the newly stitched cut. Cam looks at it, raising her arm and out stretching her index finger.  She slowly touches the end before pulling away quickly.  "That's so gross but really cool!" I roll my eyes at Cams comment. "Is not cool, it's painful and I can't believe it happened.  I am really embarrassed,  I think I passed out at one point" Cam laughs and pulls me towards Mr. Coleman who signs his name on the last form before turning towards us girls with a smile on his face.

"Sophie let's get you back home and you can return to school tomorrow," he says before walking towards the door. 

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