The Shadow Thief

Cursed with the powers of the Big Three, Andrea hides most of her life in the shadows. Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Hermes, Ares, and a few other gods and goddesses help hide Andrea from Zeus and anyone who'd want to hurt her. When Percy Jackson comes to camp Andrea has to decide, stay in the protection of her friends, or confront Zeus once and for all and join Luke.


2. Chapter I

Chapter I



“Ready… aim…. fire!” I shouted.

Arrows cut the air like a knife cutting soft butter. The swooshing and thudding of the arrows gave I a thrill. I had been teaching at Camp Half Blood for about 15 years, only after traveling the country and gathering secrets as well has helping the other gods and goddesses, and the occasional hero. I had seen the most amazing sights and meet the most amazing people, as well as earning the title of keeper of codes and protector of the innocent. I also picked up a little magic on my travels, such as controlling the mist.

“Rea, Mr. D needs to see you.” my friend Luke said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Is, this about the shipment?" I asked "I told him that everything I order was necessary.”

“Go tell him that” Luke laughed.

“Fine,” I said, “Take a break, I don’t trust any of you to practice without a counselor.”

Luke and I walked to the Big House.

“Call of Duty after dinner?” Luke asked.

“How could I say no,” I laughed entering the Big House.


“Andrea, we have a bit of a problem.” Mr. D started


“Oh no, I’m not getting into another one of these.” I said angrily, “If the son of the ocean really did steal the lighting bolt… well, why risk him finding me.”


“Rea,” Mr. D said calmly, “If the lighting bolt isn’t given back by the summer solstice everyone will suffer, including you.”


“Maybe, I’ll asset him when he arrives.” I said giving up; Mr. D did have a good point.


“That’s another thing, Grover is his protector-“


“All right.” I hissed, “Where is he.”


“Down town New York City.” Mr. D smiled.


“Great.” I growled, “My favorite.”


“Get ready you may not have very long.”


I walked up the stairs from the subway, and breathed in the filthy city air. The museum was only a few blocks and only took about 9 minutes. Luckily I’d gotten there before the school so I had time to look around before taking my place in the shadows.


      The paintings and sculptures, around the museum, reminded me of Olympus. I heard a big group coming through and I knew it was time. Quietly slipping into the shadows I watched as a group of kids, with a few adults, entered. Chiron and Grover were among them. I listened as Chiron explained each item around the room and observed the group of young people with earphones in, not even bothering to pay attention. Chiron didn’t seem to notice and kept going asking the occasional questions, sometimes receiving an answer, sometimes having to answer it himself. As they drew closer I looked at the people around Grover wondering which could be the son of the ocean.


“Percy, can you tell me what a child of a god is called?” Chiron asked.


After a few moments a boy next to Grover answered, “A halfblood.”


“Correct, and can you name one for me?” Chiron asked, “I’ll give you a hint, you have something in common.”


It dawned on me; this was the halfblood that would change everything, “Perseus.” Percy answered.


“Correct.” Chiron smiled and turned to explain another artifact.


An adult whispered something to Percy and he followed her out. I watched them leave, than I stepped out of the shadows and got the attention of Chiron. He quickly finished up his sentence and then told everybody to take a look around, but to be careful and not touch anything. He then turned his wheelchair around and followed me. We got there just in time.

“Let him go or I swear to the gods I will tear you to pieces.” Chiron threatened.


The Fury hissed but dropped him anyway. Grover and I ran over to Percy helping him up. The Fury hissed again and flew out the window, making the glass rain down on us.


“How did she get so close?! You guys were supposed to make sure nothing happened to him! Luckily I was around or we’d be in some serious trouble!” I snapped irritably.


“Bring him to camp now; we can’t wait any longer” Chiron instructed.


Meanwhile, Percy was freaking out, “What just happened?! I’m not sleeping, so I must really be insane.”


“Shut him up Grover!” I hissed.


“Percy, come here, click this when in grave danger.” Chiron said giving Percy a pen.


“This is a pen; a pen!” Percy said in frustration, trying to get Grover to understand his confusement. "How could a pen possibly help me?!"

“You need to leave now get Sally and go right away, hurry!” Chiron pushed.


We ran out of getting a few strange glances. Only when we got to the crowed streets did Percy start talking again.


“Grover, please tell me what’s going on, and who that is.” Percy said glancing at me.


“I’m your protector. We are taking you somewhere safe, but right now we need to get your mom.” Grover informed him.


“You’re my protector?” Percy let out a humorless laugh. "You need crutches to walk around and you're telling me you're my protector?"


“What, you think that just because I look like this I can’t protect you?” Grover protested.


Percy shut up after that but not for long. After about 5 minutes Percy turned towards me and asked, “Who are you? I know I’ve seen you somewhere.”


“If you must know, I’m Rea, and no you’ve not seen me anywhere. I don’t get out very much any more.” I snapped at him.


“Geez, all right! No need to get angry. Well Rea, how do you two know each other?”


Before I could tell him to shut up again, we’d reached his apartment building. We climbed all the way up; Percy’s stepdad was having another one of his poker game parties again. The stink of cigars, old men, and beer filled the hall.


“Let’s hurry. Percy get your things and we’ll get your mother.” I ordered.


We opened the door and were greeted by a group of old men around a poker table cluttered with beer bottles.


“Sally,” Grover said getting her attention, “We have to leave now, like right now.”


Sally looked over at me and realized the importance, “I’ll get my purse.”


“Hun, where you goin’ the game ain’t over yet.” Percy's stepdad called.


“Sorry Gabe, this is very important. There are extra beers in the fridge.” Sally informed him.


“No, no no no you can’t go.”


“Who’s going to stop her?” I growled at him.


“Whoever the hell you are, stay out of this! It’s of no importance to you.” Gabe growled back, getting up and stalking towards me.


“Actually, it is.” I hissed, swinging my fist into his face, “Let’s go. Percy hurry the hell up!”


“Nice Rea, but you know that’s another week right.” Grover teased.


“Who the fuck cares, I have to live up to the name some how.” I bit, not taking the joke.


Percy finally came back with a backpack filled with clothes on one shoulder. “Where’ve you been?” I retorted, “Never mind lets just go, you know the way right?”


“Not a clue.” Sally answered as we raced down the stairs with an extremely confused Percy in tow.


“All right, I’ll drive then. Grover, you’ll sit in the back next to Percy; and Sally, you can sit next to me.”


We got to the car and zoomed down the streets which were not to busy, which was weird. It didn’t take us to long to get out of the city and into the country.


“Where are you taking us?” Percy demanded.


“To a special camp, with people just like you.” Sally replied sadly.


“What do you mean 'people just like me'? Am I crazy or something?”


“No, not crazy. You just didn’t know.” I replied calmly.


“Didn't know what?" Percy practically yelled in frustration. "Tell me what's going on!"


“What have I told you about your father Percy?” Sally asked him.

“Just that you were in love and then he left you with me, why?”


“He didn’t want to leave you Percy; he had to.” Sally replied sadly.


“What do you mean he had to leave me?”


“When I first met your father, I knew there was something different about him. I never imagined… well, Grover do you want to explain?”


“You know all the Greek gods and goddesses we learned about in school? Well… they- they’re real, and your dad is one of them.”


“M… my dad’s a god?” Percy repeated after a moment of silence, not believing him, “Grover that’s a little insane, even for you.”


“What is that supposed to mean?!”


“Rea, watch out!”  Sally yelled at me.


I was so consumed in the conversation behind me that I hadn’t seen the cow that had landed in the road. I tried to swerve out of the way, but the car flipped over and landed on its back. My head slammed into the window, almost knocking me out. My arm was bent oddly and I knew it was broken. I tried to pull it out, but it wouldn’t budge from in between the door and the seat. I kept trying, when I heard the all to familiar sound and smell of the minotaur. Not wanting to lose one more second, I performed a spell that pulled it free, and it left an imprint of my arm  on the door where it had been crushed.


“Grover, trunk window!” I yelled frantically.


Grover quickly took off his pants revealing his furry legs. Percy's eyes practically bulged out of his head in shock, but Grover ignored him and kicked the glass out onto the road. We all climbed out slowly, making sure not to be to badly cut by the glass. We ran towards the fence; I took it in one jump and waited on the other side for the others. The minotaur was catching up. When I saw the welcoming sign of Camp Halfblood, I sped up. Grover and Percy followed me. I looked back, remembering that Sally wouldn’t be able to get through.


“Percy I can’t get through; go on without me!” Sally shouted at him.


The minotaur grabbed her and, with a wave of his arm, she disappeared in a cloud of dust. “Hades.” I thought to myself, “He was the one behind this.”


"MOM!" Percy screamed in grief and disbelief.


He ran out from the protective barrier, and I knew what he was going to try to do so I yelled, “Percy, the pen!”


“What?” he shouted back.


“PRESS THE FUCKING PEN!” I yelled, my hair turning a fiery red and my skin paling even more than it already was.


I’m surprised he didn’t faint. As if he was mesmerized, he took the pen out and pressed it. Riptide morphed from the shape of a pen to the legendary sword it had always been.


Percy stared at it in disbelief for a second before remembering his reason for running at the minotaur in the first place.


“Watch out Percy!” Grover shouted from behind me, pointing to the minotaur charging towards him.


Percy swung and stabbed at it with amazing talent, but nothing affected the minotaur. The minotaur, which was getting angrier by the second, started running at Percy. Without wasting a moment, Percy dodged and the minotaur slammed into a tree and got one of its horns stuck in the tree. At the same time, Percy's sword flew out of his grip. While trying to pull the horn loose, it ripped off and the minotaur howled in agony. Percy located his sword, which was next to the minotaur, and the minotaur's horn which stuck out of the tree. Deciding upon the horn, Percy raced over to pull it loose. Percy finally managed to pry it from the tree, and turned around just as the minotaur was going to strike. Percy lunged forward and plunged the horn through the minotaur's chest with the force of his entire body. They both staggered back and, as the minotaur fell, he let loose one last howl before turning into dust.


“I-I don’t feel so good.” Percy slurred before his eyes rolled back and he collapsed onto the hard dirt.

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