Tomlinson #2

Hi my name is Gianna Rose I never really knew my last name though. So my parents were killed by my crazy uncle. Now I am an orphan who has no friends whatsoever. What happens when I get adopted by 5 awesome boys?


4. chapter 3

Gianna's POV I kept running and running trying to get away but he kept getting closer by the minute. Until he caught me "Where can u run now you can't get away" he said with and evil laugh and pulled out a knife I screamed as loud as possible so someone could help me but none came. ********

"GIANNA!!" someone shook me waking me up. I jostled up and I started sobbing I felt whoever woke me up wrap their arms around me and hug me. I looked up to see dad hugging me trying to calm me down somewhat. When I finally calmed down after 5 minutes dad and I sat there in silence.

"Would you like to talk about it and tell me what that dream is about?" He asked after a little bit. I nodded my head a told him what happened with me and my uncle and he listened to me hugging me. When I finished I was crying a little.

"Shh it's ok I got you sweetie none will ever hurt you on me and the boys watch." He said. " do you want to come and sleep in my room tonight?" 

"Yes please" I replied. He picked me up while I wrapped my arms and legs around him and put my head on his shoulder. And we went into his room. THen he layed me down under the covers gently and the he got in next to me. He then wrapped his arms around me and I layed my head on his chest and the instantly fell asleep. 


*the next morning* 


" aww look at them they are so cute looking all fatherly daughterly" I heard someone coo. Then heard a camera click. 

"Should we wake her and Louis up?" 

" well she has to go shopping and then we have to stop by her school to get her enrolled. So she can start next week." 

" fine but if she is not a morning person and she kills me I'm blaming you." 

" deal"

I felt someone shake my shoulder and say

"Gi it's time to get up" I heard and Irish accent say. I opened my eyes and saw all the boys there and dad still sleeping. 

" you gave us a scare we thought you went missing when we didn't see you I your room" zayn said while I sat up.

" she had a bad dream and I brought her in here" I heard Louis say next to me. 

" When did u wake up?" Niall asked eating a waffle.

" about 2 minutes ago while you guys were talking about how cute we were" 

"'You heard that?" Zayn asked.

"Yup" he replied. 

"Well it's time to get up before the girls get here so LETS GO" Harry shouted. 

" alright I moving" I said getting up and heading to my room. I pulled out leggings and a t-shirt. I wanted  hoody so I ran to Nialls room and took one out of his closet. Then I went downstairs. 

"He I have that same hoody" Niall said. 

" Well I got it from a place called the Horans and closet" I replied. " so can I wear it today please?" 

" yea go-ahead and keep it if you like it I got tons" 

"Thanks Niall" I said hugging him.

" no problem"

Then I heard the doorbell go off. I walked to the door with the boys and Harry opened it to 6 girls. 

" Hey boys" they said walking in the house.

" HEY" they all replied. I just kind of stood there. 

" ok so Gianna this is my girlfriend Eleanor. Liams girlfriend Sophia. Zayn's girlfriend Perrie. The rest is the rest of Perries band Little Mix Leigh-Ann, Jade, and Jesy." Louis said pointing to each one. 

"Looks like we are going shopping so let's go!" Perrie shouted. We all headed out the door Liam locking the door behind him and we piled into the van.

*at the mall* 

We had went to a lot of shops and we had a lot of bags. Now we were sitting not the food court when I saw him. 

The man I'd never thought I'd see again....



Sorry for cliffhanger.

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