Tomlinson #2

Hi my name is Gianna Rose I never really knew my last name though. So my parents were killed by my crazy uncle. Now I am an orphan who has no friends whatsoever. What happens when I get adopted by 5 awesome boys?


2. Chapter 2


Gainna's POV


*Skip Car Ride*

We went down this secret path thing in while in the car and it took us to this huge house/ mansion.

"Oh what the fudge balls  WE LIVE HERE!?!"  I  shouted very shocked.

"Yup we sure do love" Louis said. Then the boys started laughing at my reaction. We got out the car and Liam got my bags with my carrying my purple book bag. We started heading up the walkway and wheni got inside it was gorg.

"Well dont just stand there follow us for a tour" Fisrt we started off with the kitchen. It had a island a huge fridge and a marble counter. Next was the movie room. Then the living. and then the backyar garden. After all of that jazz was shown to me we finally headed upstairs to the real magic. They showed me whos room is whos and then they finally got to mine and it was kind of obvious that it was my room because it had my name on the door in sliver. Lois opend the door and it was a room that i have dreamed of. It had sky blue and purple wall pattern. A walk in closet zebra bed sheets a little seat swing off the cieling. then there was my own bathroom. My favorite was the flatscreen tv and balcony that had a perfect view of the backyard witch was at least 10 acreas.

"Oh ym gosh dad guys i love it thank you so much!" I shouted while hugging them saving Louis for last.

"you called me dad" He breathed out in shock.

" Thats because you act like one duh" I said sassily.

"And you act like my daughter," He said happliy.

"Aww lokk at you do already acting father daughterly" Niall cooed.

"well since its getting late you should get to bed sweetheart we have to get up and go shopping for your clothes tomorrow with our girlfriends" Liam said.

"Okay im going to take a showe ill be right back" I grabbed my pajamas from my suitcase and headed to the bathroom. When i finished taking a shower i dried off and went back in my room to find the guys on my bed smiled and dad had something behind his back.

"WHat do you have there dad?" I asked.

"Oh just you IPhone Gi-Bear," He said like it was nothing.

"Wtf you got me an iphone?" I asked shocked a little.

"Yup"He said pulling it out from behind his back and givin it to me i lloked at it in my hands and it was and iphone 5 in gold and had a Life Proof case with a One Direction back on it.

"Oh my gosh thanks dad"

"No problem now get in bed we all have to get up around 8 tomorrow to get you in school and then go shooping."

"K night guys"

"night" they all said when they kissed my forehead.

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