Tomlinson #2

Hi my name is Gianna Rose I never really knew my last name though. So my parents were killed by my crazy uncle. Now I am an orphan who has no friends whatsoever. What happens when I get adopted by 5 awesome boys?


1. Adoption Day

Gianna's POV

I'm Gianna I am an orphan. Well today there are people coming and I absolutely have no chance of getting adopted because I'm 12 and I supposedly am a sass person but for all I care I just want to go a live on my own because I have no friends and obviously no one likes me. Anyway I was in my room on my laptop when the intercom went off.

"All girls 11-17 please come down. " So of course I have to come down. I shut my laptop and start heading downstairs. As I'm heading down I hear a bunch of screaming and I'm like wtf is wrong. When I reach downstairs everything makes sense One Direction was standing in front and was interviewing girls. Louis came up to me and I just stood there confident waiting for him to talk.

" Hi love what's ur name?"

"Gianna." I said with confidence.

" well hello there looks like your confident"

" I am most people don't like it though so I don't get picked. "

"Well this is your lucky day then because all the other girls seem perky and rude. How would you like to get adopted by me?" He asked. Me being me stood in shock for like 2 seconds and said

" Umm sure" he called the rest over and they introduced themselves to me. When they were finished while Louis went to go fill out the papers the rest came up to help me pack.

" So tell us about yourself" Harry said.

"Well I'm 12, my favorite colors are pink, sky blue, purple, and silver. Umm I'm very sassy. I love to eat and I love music. That's about it. "

"Oh we are definitely going to get along if u are sassy. " Louis said while walking in the room. We finished packing and headed to the Range Rover outside. I could tell right now I'm really going to like living with the guys.

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