Lilly hates everything about her family; her mum's a drunk, her dad's always out, and her older brother hardly notices her. Once every month, she thinks everyone at school is out to get her. She knows no one is noticing her every other day, at least she thinks that.


1. Lilly

So, another day huh? Of being as invisible as air. I hated it. But I guess I needed to grow up without them. Without worrying if they like me or not. They're just classmates. I went to sit down on my rugged little chair. "Mum!" I yelled hoping this time I would wake her up. No luck. She was gone out like a light. Sighing, I kicked my bag and opened the cardboard door to my 'house' walking the three mile walk to school.

I was angry. I hated the fact that this happened so often. I hated the fact that my mum blamed me. Maybe next time I should jump on her until she wakes up. She'd probably kill me I laughed to myself. Slowly I realized that everyone I walked past turned to follow me. The postman. The guy in the garage. The police cars. More. I breathed deeply. My shoe suddenly went into one of the bars of a drain. I fell straight on my back. Snap. I felt like venom was filling my ankle. I screamed. When the stalkers came close enough to touch I could see their eyes staring at mine with a emotionless frown. I gasped endlessly trying to get air to breathe away from these zombie like people.

Then I saw they had knives

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