Lilly hates everything about her family; her mum's a drunk, her dad's always out, and her older brother hardly notices her. Once every month, she thinks everyone at school is out to get her. She knows no one is noticing her every other day, at least she thinks that.


2. Jake

'Yeah whatever' I rolled my eyes at dad when he told me about the 'one girlfriend at a time' rule. As if I take two girls out at a time. I probably wouldn't be clever enough to be honest. I slammed the door shut and smiled at remembering school from last year. I was cool you know. The girls loved me and the guys thought I was a lad. Whatever a lad was anyway.

'' I heard a sweet voice murmur. 'Hello?' I asked, curious to find out where she was. Who she was. No answer. I ran out onto the smaller road and saw a girl in the uniform as me. She looked a little younger but she looked brave. However she was hurt somehow. 'Hey, hey its ok. What happened?' She was half lying, half sitting on the road, alone. 

"They have knives... help!" I frowned. She didn't seem drunk. Just paranoid...

I slipped my hands under her back and lifted her up. She frowned confused 'I can walk!'. She growled at me. 'Alright,' I said a little unconvinced. She tried standing up and stepping forward but twisted back and fell back into my arms. 'Yeah,' I began 'You might want to let me take you back home.' I smiled at her. She looked shocked and sad. Then she yelled "NO" and threw her hand out. A red spark threw out and set a bush behind me on fire. She widened her eyes and I jumped back. What? How? 'Are you human!?' I yelled. She seemed as shocked as me. "I don't know...!" She began "You might want to go..." I stared at her. "After you set a bush on fire with your hand, I'm not exactly going to run away." "Why not?" Good question. I guess I was curious. I didn't answer. "I'm going to get you to the hospital." She put her hands out to resist me but I slipped my hand under her legs and my other, her back. "Maybe just take me to school?" "Fine," I sighed, "but you need to find out what... that was." I told her. She leaned into me and breathed softly on my chest. 

And that was he beginning of our friendship.

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