The Lake house

Hope had hoped that she would get a quiet month of summer break with her dad, but that all changes when five boys come along with her stepmom's best friend's daughter. What she had thought would be a month in hell turns out to become a lot more than just that. Laughter, tears, drama and love. How will the summer turn out?


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The place hadn’t really changed since I was last here, four years ago. I honestly thought that my dad had gotten rid of it when he and my mom got divorced and he started drinking. But apparently not. I looked at the lake and felt the same calming and relaxing feeling I always felt when I looked at it. Water always seemed to calm me down if I was upset or any other feeling where I needed to calm down.

Dad and I carried in the groceries we had bought before coming here, and placed them in the kitchen. The kitchen hadn’t changed either. It still had the same light blue colors on the walls and a window that overlooked the lake from the sink. I smiled, remembering all the times I had been sitting on the counter top, looking at the lake while my dad’s favorite country songs was playing on repeat in the background while he was cooking us dinner. I smiled at the memory. It didn’t take us long to put everything in place, and after we were done dad said that he had a surprise for me. As if the fact that I was spending a month with the devil herself wasn’t surprise enough. It turned out to be a better surprise though.

Dad led me up to my room and when I opened the door, I expected to see my old light violet walls, with unicorns and fairies all over the place with my princess bed. Instead, I saw a completely new room. The twin size bed had been replaced with a king size one instead, and the walls were white, except one of them, that was lime green. A light colored wooden table was standing against one of the walls next to a dark wooden drawer to my clothes. Light chains were hanging on the walls creating letters. It took me a while to figure out what it said, but when I saw it, I couldn’t get the smile off my face. Hope.  

I turned around and looked at my dad. He was looking at me with hopeful eyes and a small smile on his face. I smiled as I hugged him for the first time in a long time. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and pressed me close to his chest, pressing a soft kiss to my hair, clearly trying not to push me too hard. I let go and looked at him with a smile.

“Thanks dad. I love it! It’s absolutely amazing! But, how? How did you know what I liked?” I asked, choosing my words carefully. Dad had that glint in his eye. Mom always says that I have the same cheeky glint in my eyes. 

“Your mom. I called her a couple of weeks ago when I was up here just to check up on how things were holding up, and I walked in here, and I thought that you were nothing like your room anymore. You’ve grown up, so I thought that your room needed to grow with you. Therefore, I called her and asked for her help on how to decorate it. She gave me all these amazing ideas and this is the result. Oh and I might need your help painting the outside of the house at some point. If you wanna help me?” He asked with hopeful eyes. I smiled as I remembered last time I ‘helped’ him paint the house. I was only twelve back then, and I was covered in paint afterwards from head to toe. I smiled while nodding my head. Dad smiled as he placed his arm around my shoulders as we walked back downstairs.

We were making late lunch when the first car came up the driveway. I could tell that it was my stepmom, Mia’s car. I tried not to sigh loudly since my dad was right next to me. I quickly tried to come up with an excuse for leaving and there was only one thing that popped into my head; Zac. I quickly turned around and looked at my dad, putting on my most innocent smile.

“Hey dad?” I asked. He turned his head and looked at me with a warm smile. It was clear for even a blind man to see that he was happy that I was back here with him.

“Yeah sweetheart? What’s up?” He asked, turning back to his sandwich. I cleared my throat.

“I was just wondering if I could go for a walk? You know, go see if Zac the guy I used to play with when we were here, he still lives somewhere around here. Can I do that?” I asked as sweetly as possible. He looked out of the window and back at me. I could tell that he was thinking that I only wanted to go because Mia just showed up. I wiggled my eyebrows and laughed. Dad shook his head laughing.

“Go ahead. But bring your phone! And don’t fall in the water again.” He laughed remembering my accident from years ago. I laughed as I saluted him with a small smile.

“Deal. I’ll see ya later!” I said as I hurried out of the kitchen. But just as I went to grab the door handle, someone else pulled it down and opened the door and there she was. With her brown eyes and brown hair pulled back into a lose ponytail. She smiled when she saw me. I gave her a small smile before hurrying out of the door before she could start a conversation. I walked down to the lake and followed it until it came to its stop. It was nice to be back, even though I’m going to spend it with people I either don’t know or dislike. Then I remembered my mom’s words to me the night before. She had told me to behave, to try to re-build my relationship to my dad even if it meant pretending to like someone I didn’t. I sighed as I laid down on the soft sand on the beached I had reached and pulled out my phone and put on some music.

As the time passes I realized that I probably had to get home otherwise my dad would freak out and the rest of whoever was going to be there had probably arrived by now, so I stood up and left my little safe haven behind as I walked down the forest path once again.

I heard the boys before I saw them, a wave of yelling, curse words and laughing echoed through the forest ground and before I had even stepped fully into my own garden, a soccer ball flew through the air and straight for my face. Before it hit me straight in the face, I caught it mid-air, stood back a little dumb-fooled, and looked around for the kicker. A brown slightly curled haired boy stood with his hand covering his mouth so I guess he was the one to kick a ball after my face. Sighing I let the ball fall but before it hit the ground my foot connected with the ball and sent it flying back towards him, hitting him in the stomach before he could react. A loud ohh went through the group of guys, but I didn’t care as I saw a broken up Jeep drive down the gravel road and onto the grass driveway. I speeded down the grass towards the car and praised myself lucky that he had seen my coming. I jumped into the arms of my big brother and laughed as he swung me around in the air as he used to do when we were younger.

A smile was plastered to his face like always and he ruffled my brown hair when he put me down. His own brown hair had been nicely set and his brown eyes sparkled with joy. His hoarse voice hadn’t changed and I realized how much I had missed him when he spoke up.

“And hi to you too Hope! I’ve missed you little sis. How you doing? Still the same sweet innocent seventeen year old girl that I won’t admit is growing up?” He asked as I laughed.

“Hi Dyl, and yeah. I’m still me, haven’t changed in the three months you didn’t wanna see me. And when will you realize that I am indeed seventeen soon to be eighteen to be exact and not your twelve year old sister anymore?” I asked crossing my arms over my chest pretending to be annoyed with him. He just laughed as the passenger door opened and closed, revealing a rather handsome black haired guy with sea green eyes. He was dressed casually in black jeans and a white t-shirt and I found myself starring. That was until Dylan introduced him as his best friend Logan. I sighed knowing he would be off limit and smiled instead introducing myself as his baby sister. Logan smiled and my heart skipped a beat, until I heard my dad’s voice calling from the veranda. Both Dylan and I turned around to see him smiling at us as he walked towards us.

Dylan looked at me with concerned eyes, he knew how bad I handled my dads’ former drinking problem, but I just smiled back at him as dad reached us and pulled us all in for a group hug, as he told us how happy he was to have us all gathered again, like a family.

While Dylan and Logan carried their stuff into the house, my dad wrapped an arm around me and told me that there was some people he wanted to introduce me too. I tried not to sigh when he led me towards Isabella and her group of friends, two girls and seven boys. Two of them looked around Dylan’s age while the rest seemed to be my own age, I didn’t really care since I wasn’t planning on spending much time with any of them.

“Hope, this is folks I told you about. You already know Isabella.” My dad went on and on pointing out people and telling me their names. The girl next to Isabella turned out to be her best friend Nina. The two guys next to her was Isabella’s older brothers Matt and Tyler, they both seemed to be cool guys, though Tyler looked like the type you don’t wanna mess with. Next to Isabella, his hand on her thigh, was her boyfriend who’s name apparently was Calum, the boy who had kicked the ball that almost hit me in the face. He had the usual cheeky smile and glint in his eyes that told that he fully believed that he could get any girl he wanted and you just had to be grateful if he was with you. I hate those guys, player types that only want to be with you for sex.

Okay I know that I am quick to judge, but you have to be that kind of type if you will survive being with a  bitch like Isabella. The guys next to the Calum guy seemed more calm and down to earth. Luke, the extremely tall, blond haired blue eyes guy, seemed really shy and nervous yet he had a beautiful smile, not to mention the lip ring. The guy next to Luke probably stood out the most because of the red hair that seemed to be spiked in all directions. His eyebrow piercing and tattoo gave off a certain vibe that I couldn’t help but take a liking too, his name was Michael, and he loves video games apparently. The guy next to Michael seemed the nicest. His outgoing personality and dimple-covered smile made me like him instantly. My dad finished off the introduction by telling me that I was sharing my new room with the guy named Luke and then just walked off like he hadn’t just put me in the same room with a guy I didn’t know who was. For all I knew, he could be a rapist!

Dylan laughed at me later that night when I told him. We were sitting down by the lake catching up on the past three months when we got on the subject.

“Hope I’m pretty sure he is not a sick psyco rapist. And if he tries anything just remember that Logan and I are just behind the wall. At least you won’t have to share bed with him, dad brought in an air mattress for him to sleep on. So don’t you worry butterfly.” Dylan said pushing my shoulder lightly. I laughed as I leaned my head on his shoulder and smiled. There might be a bunch of people I don’t know in the only place I had ever gotten good memories with my father, but at least I had Dylan, Dylan would help me through the next for weeks, no matter what happened.

“Okay, no more brother sister time. Let’s get back to the house it’s already past your bedtime!” Dylan clapped his hands and offered me help to get up. I looked at the thin gold watch on my wrist.

“Dylan, it’s only 8.30pm?” I questioned. He nodded as if he was saying exactly! That’s what I’m saying!

“So? Twelve year olds shouldn’t be out to after eight. Come on.” He laughed as I punched him in the stomach. Together we walked back to the lake house and I couldn’t wait to crawl under the covers of my new bed, well knowing that a new day, and a new beginning was waiting for me when I opened my eyes the next day.  





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