A tale of love and loss

One day during his fifth year and his stay at Grimmauld place number 12 Harry decides to look through the photoalbum which contains pictures that his parents took once they were still alive. Suddenly Harry's eyes are caught by a smilling blue eyed woman, whom he has never given much thought before. Confused he asks Sirius who she is. This question leads to a look into the memories of Sirius Black. Memories of friendship, hardship, of love and loss.


6. Chapter 4 (Sirius)

The rest of the train ride was happened as in a blur. The four of us played Wizarding chess, ate a load of candy and pranked around with each other for hours. Even though we had barely just met, it seemed like we had known each other always.

The boy that had been sleeping by the window was named Remus Lupin. He was quite shy and didn’t like to talk a lot about his past, but we quickly adapted. He was more polite than the lot of us and definitely also a lot smarter than he pretended to be. But I really didn’t mind. I knew how it was to feel like the odd one out.

Peter was… I don’t know. Also different. I actually didn’t know if I liked him all that much, but I guess he was cool, and I was open to get to know him.

Then there was James of course. He seemed like my long lost brother, no offence Regulus, funny, charming, a prankster and pretty much amazing. He was raised in the way I had always wanted, he was talented and good looking, and somehow cast his bromance on me too.

Arriving at Hogwarts though, was not as blazingly amazing as I could have hoped. I didn’t like to admit it, but I was actually quite scared there on the boat. When the weird witch-lady with the green hat then told us to wait outside, I was not exactly amused. I really did not want to end up in Slytherin. That was the last thing I wanted.

Of course the other Slytherin family purebloods decided to mess with me. Asking stupid questions. Embarrassingly enough I didn’t have any great comebacks. James tried to stick up for me the best way he knew. He punched a Slytherin boy, which resulted in everyone, including the weird girls from the train to speak up about how stupid we were, and couldn’t we see he was hurting and all that.

This only made James more angry and Remus and I had to literally hold him back to not hex all of them. Even though he didn’t technically know any spells yet. The ghosts were trying to calm the students, but nothing helped.

“Are you kidding me?” I muttered through gritted teeth. “Was that necessary?”

“No, I am Sirius,” he answered. I stared at him for around five seconds, before I cracked up in laughter and let go of James. He started laughing too and Remus joined in shortly. Then Peter nervously laughed too.

Of course that didn’t change the anger towards me and James. The redheaded girl looked like she was going to explode and the caramel-haired one was smoking. I had no doubt she would kill me should she ever get the chance.

Try me, love, I thought. I’ve got more tricks up my sleeve than you could handle.

She opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the witch-lady, who told us that we were to enter the Great Hall. 

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