A tale of love and loss

One day during his fifth year and his stay at Grimmauld place number 12 Harry decides to look through the photoalbum which contains pictures that his parents took once they were still alive. Suddenly Harry's eyes are caught by a smilling blue eyed woman, whom he has never given much thought before. Confused he asks Sirius who she is. This question leads to a look into the memories of Sirius Black. Memories of friendship, hardship, of love and loss.


5. Chapter 3 (Lydia)


”What bastard that James Potter, him and his friend, naming that child after one of the brightest stars in the solar system was clearly a mistake for his parents,” I spat as I made my way down the hall following Lily and the Snape-boy on their quest to find a new compartment.

“I really thought they would be more accepting of differences in this place,” Lily said glumly, staring down at her shoes while she walked.

“Don’t let that get you down Lily there will be loads of nice people at Hogwarts, that Potter boy is no smarter than a donkey I’m sure you won’t be in the same house,” Snape reassured her kindly all the while sending me a doubtful glance from the corner of his eye.

“And I’m stupid so I must be just like them is that what you’re saying?” I asked scoffing.

“Tree, he said nothing like that, you’re really smart he doesn’t even know you yet, just give him time,” Lily sighed before opening the door to a miraculously empty compartment.

To be honest I had quite liked the sound of that Gryffindor house. Who did not want to be brave?  Well except Snape that is. However, I had not really heard a word about the other houses and maybe that Potter-kid had no clue, what he was talking about so I was not exactly obsessed with getting into a specific house yet.

However instead of jumping to the defence of this Potter I decided to do something, which I rarely ever did. Keep silent. I sank back into the, in fact quite comfortable seat and stared out the window watching the world glide past in a multi-coloured blur. My sullen silence was however, not allowed to stay that way for very long. Lily had of course caught onto my slight moodiness. “Tree, no matter your House all three of us will always be friends,” she promised, her green eyes flashing genuinely.

A look of utmost disgust crossed Severus’ face and I could not help but imagine that I looked the same at that point.

“Yes, all three of us,” I agreed half-heartedly. Calm down Lydia, he might not be that bad. For Lily’s sake I smiled at him however little I wanted to. As expected he did not smile back but looked instead at my friend with an odd  look, that I could only describe as scary in his black eyes. Lily did not seem to notice at all.

The silence quickly began to feel awkward and I tried to come up with a way to break it somehow.

“I really hope they have good food at the school I’m absolutely starving,” I proclaimed. As soon as the words had left my mouth I found myself feeling utterly dumb.

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