A tale of love and loss

One day during his fifth year and his stay at Grimmauld place number 12 Harry decides to look through the photoalbum which contains pictures that his parents took once they were still alive. Suddenly Harry's eyes are caught by a smilling blue eyed woman, whom he has never given much thought before. Confused he asks Sirius who she is. This question leads to a look into the memories of Sirius Black. Memories of friendship, hardship, of love and loss.


4. Chapter 2 (Sirius)

I was relieved the second I sat foot on the train. As soon as I had gotten my letter, I knew that Hogwarts was my ticket to freedom. The first many compartments were all filled and my courage dropped the further I got. A few of the pure bloods waved at me to join them, but I didn't accept because I knew I wouldn't fit in. At last I found myself in a compartment almost by myself. Iy only had one other person, a boy my age in worn out clothing and a luggage that seemed to me falling apart. He was curled up in his cloak and sleeping. I smiled at bit as he was snoring slightly and put my own baggage away. I had barely sat down before another boy stormed inside with a wide smile on his face, wild black hair that was everywhere and a pair of greasy glasses.

Can I join you?” he asked and I nodded and helped him with his baggage.

Thanks,” the boy said and stretched out his hand. “I'm James Potter.” There was definitely something about him I liked a lot. We shook hands.

Sirius Black,“ I replied and we sat down and immediately started talking about almost anything. A few minutes later another boy joined us, named Peter Pettigrew, and the first few minutes was amazing with a lot of laughter and weirdass stories. Just as the train was about to part two girls joined us and sat down by the window, I didn't notice them much, because James was telling a very interesting story about how his uncle had been cursed with a magical teapot singing Christmas carols all year round. The train had just left the platform when a last arriver in our compartment showed up, a darkhaird boy that looked funny in almost any aspect. His attitude made me flinch and I formally decided I didn't like him. He looked like he'd had a horrible past with a lot of neglect, but it had obviously not made him a better person. I turned my attention back to James.
A bit in the trip we overheard the darkhaired boy comment that he hoped that the girls would end up in Slytherin.

Slytherin?” James asked and for the first time that day turned his attention to the three people at the window. “Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?” He asked and looked at me with a smile. I didn't smile back and suddenly got very interest in my shoes.

My whole family have been Slytherin,” I muttered.

Blimey,” James said surprised, “and I who thought you seemed alright.” I grinned at him. I didn't attend to follow that tradition. I was against almost everything my family stood for.

Maybe I will break that tradition.” A thought hid me. “Where are you heading, if you have got a choice?” He smiled proudly and lifted an invisible sword.

Gryffindor, where dwelve the brave at heart! Like my dad,” he said and I got that. That was where I wanted to go to. The blackhaired guy by the window made a disparaging sound. James turned around to look at him, slightly angry.

Got a problem with that?” he said and I got a feeling you should watch out if you cared for your own wellbeing. I liked him already.

No,” windowboy replied, “ if you'd rather be brawny than brainy-” I interupted.

And where are you going, seeing as you are neither?” James fell down from his seat in laughter. I joined the laughter and barely saw the displeased look on the redhearded of the girls face. The other girl on the other hand had a furious glare and stared daggers at both me and James. It was obviously not because she cared for the boy at all, but she clearly disliked us a lot. All three of them left.


We spend quite a long time laughing over that. The boy that had been sleeping for the whole trip suddenly woke up to find three curious faces looking at him and he looked rathr terrified at us. I offered him a bit of the candy we had just bought from the lady walking around the train with sweets.

Want some chocolate?”

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