A tale of love and loss

One day during his fifth year and his stay at Grimmauld place number 12 Harry decides to look through the photoalbum which contains pictures that his parents took once they were still alive. Suddenly Harry's eyes are caught by a smilling blue eyed woman, whom he has never given much thought before. Confused he asks Sirius who she is. This question leads to a look into the memories of Sirius Black. Memories of friendship, hardship, of love and loss.


3. Chapter 1 (Lydia)

When I got the letter I honestly thought it was some weird joke that my parents pulled on me. However they seemed just as confused as I was. I mean.....Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry? that was just too weird. When I thought about it though...it would explain the weird stuff that had been happening around me lately....a witch I WAS A BLOODY WITCH. 

So we went to a place called Diagon Alley and I got a wand and everything. It was all so exciting, beautiful and well...magical. The thing I looked forward to the most was when I had to go with the train though...but I was also pretty scared. I had not really been away from my parents much except occasionally going to visit my aunt Teresa in Ireland once a year for saint Patrick's day, and that was only for maximum five days at a time. This was a WHOLE YEAR....or almost...I could go home doing the holidays.

So when I stood at King's Cross station with my parents frantically trying to find this mysterious platform nine and three quarters, my heart was beating so fast it seemed like it wanted to jump out and start living a life of its own. I took out the letter from the school which I had been keeping in my pocket and spotted something. Apparently they had actually been nice enough to provide directions, but did they make sense? Nah not really. As far as I could tell walking into a solid metal ticketbox was going to hurt....a lot. 

Followed by my very doubting parents I made my way to said ticketbox....and saw a boy run through it.....really through it.

Still a bit doubtful I walked towards the place where the boy had vanished. I breathed in deeply and slowly began picking up speed. Soon I was running....and my mum was screaming like a lunatic. "I'll be fi," I started saying, but before I could finish my sentence I passed through solid metal and my eyes were greeted by an entirely different platform. A beautiful red train held on the tracks, blowing steam into the air which made the other children look sort of ghostly because I could not see their faces.

I breathed in and smiled brightly. The magic in the air could practically be smelled. This was amazing.

My parents appeared after passing through the ticketbox and stared at everything with as much wonder as I felt.

"What a wonderful place darling, I'm sure you'll fit right in," my mother said patting my head slightly and smiling though she seemed oddly sad.

Suddenly a two voices that I was sure I knew cut through the air like knifes. 

"YOU'RE A FREAK LILY A FREAK," an angry girl's-voice said. 

"No I'm not!" yelled another equally angry voice.

"Evans!" I screamed running towards the source of the second voice and tackling a very startled Lily in a hug. Lucky that I did not miscalculate and it was not her. 

"Wait....Tree....is that you?" she asked, her green eyes growing huge with wonder and excitement.

"Pfft, no Evans it's your great aunt Jenifer," I said rolling my eyes and punching her arm lightly.

"Wow suddenly all doubts have vanished and I'm sure it's you. I wonder why," Lily laughed mimicking my level of sarcasm.

"So you're going to this fabulous magical school as well huh?" what about dear sweet Tunia, is she going with us?" I asked glancing at Lily's older sister honestly hoping that the answer would be no. I never really liked her much. I had always been too "Mean mouthed" as she called it for her liking.  That was me sarcastic and "mean" Lydia Forest...called Tree by a few very trusted friends...such as my friend since kindergarten Lily Evans.

"Of course she is not going with us, does she look magical to you?" a voice suddenly said. I looked away from Tunia's horselike face and made eyecontact with a pale boy.

"Don't be mean Sev," Lily said looking at her sister with worry. To be fair her cheeks had gone very red all of a sudden.

"What makes you think, I want to go with you and be a freak like the rest of you?" Petunia spat, every word dripping venom.

"Well you sent a letter to Dum.." the pale boy was cut short by the sound of a whistle. 

He turned to Lily and smiled. 

"We should get on the train or we'll be stuck here with your mugglesister," he said, grabbing her hand and puling her along. Lily was quick to grab me and pull me into the train as well. 

We stood at the window our parents coming over to say one last goodbye....well the parents of Lily and I did...not the pale boy's though.

"Oh Lydia dear, you're here too. How wonderful then Lily won't be feeling alone at all," Mrs Evans said smiling motherly up at me her green eyes that Lily had as well giving of a happy light.

"I promise I will take care of your daughter so that she doesn't poke her eye out with her wand," I said laughing until Lily planted an elbow in my stomach.

"And Mrs Forest I will of course watch out for your daughter so that she doesn't blow up the school before being there for ten minutes,"

"Oye, that's mean Lils I can handle it," I said crossing my arms.

"Yeah suure," the redhead said laughing. I tried to keep up a marks of indifference and annoyance but it was soon broken by the overwhelming urge to laugh.

Our parenst laughed with us until my mum reached up and took my face in her hands. "Take care of yourself now sweetie....don't do anything stupid. Remember to write us....as many times as you like....okay? and I packed your favourite tea in case you can't sleep...and remember to wear sweaters when it's cold and...," my dad cut her short.

"Nancy, she is not even at the school yet. And your daughter is a witch in training now, she will take care," he said smiling proudly his eyes blank.

Suddenly the whistle cut through the air again. This time slightly sharper than the first. Slowly and with a slight groan the train started.

Our parents of course waved like maniacs and we smiled as big as we could until our cheeks started hurting and the train crossed a corner, so that we lost sight of them.

"Come on, we should find a carriage," the pale boy with the greasy black hair said.

"Oh yes I forgot to introduce you two," Lily said planting her palm on her face. 

"Lydia this is Severus Snape...I call him Sev, Sev this is Lydia Forest....also called Tree....by me....but don't call her that if she doesn't completely trust you. I'm warning you she would flay you alive," she laughed before following Severus to find a carriage. 


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