Play Ball

They took away softball so she tried out for the baseball team. He doesn't like the idea of a girl playing baseball. She thinks he's nothing more than chauvinistic pig. So naturally, they hate each other, at least... at first.


1. Prologue

I can not believe this is happening.

I can not believe they have made me stoop to this level in order to get what I want.

I can not believe they won't listen to reason.

And most important of all, I can not believe they even did it in the first place.

I mean, I knew that the principal was a believer in the whole "women are inferior to men" idea, but come on this is ridiculous! It wasn't like we were bad. It wasn't like we couldn't win a game.

Because we very well could, thank you very much.

We even graciously provided the school with some nice, big shiny trophies to add to the growing collection.

But, does that matter?


Are they thankful?

Ha, no.

Do they even care?

Of course not.

Like I said the bastard of a principal was the one that caused all of this. While he didn't get all of the female sports removed, I was still pissed at him and I blamed him for it all since he was the one that pulled the plug due to "the lack of interest". Still makes no sense why it was cut so quickly when just a few weeks ago, me and several of my teammates were hanging out and extremely excited about the upcoming year. Lack of interest, my ass.

Softball was no longer a sport offered in the athletic program at Sanderson High School. There were no other female sports that I was interested in since all that was left was the crap ones that I would never be caught dead participating in, like cheer leading. There were also the ones that while I admired the girls who played them like volleyball or soccer, I had no interest in moving over to them since neither was the sport that I has been playing since I was six and so neither would do for me.

I'm not a feminist; sure I'd like to prove to guys that girls can do anything they can do. But, I don't shove my ideas down their throats, nor do I advertise the fact that I think girls are just as good as boys in almost everything. But, this is completely moronic and unfair! I mean, to cut only the softball team and use "lack of interest" as an excuse is just plain wrong and total bull if you ask me. The rest of my teammates feel the same as me. That's why we all got together and decided that we were going to do something about it.

Because drastic times call for drastic measures.

And these times were drastic seeing as how we refused to go down without a fight.

Or so I thought, but I think they all chickened out of this little scheme.

Because I'm the only girl here right now and baseball tryouts started ten minutes ago.

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