Just a one nigt stand?

Meet Jess a girl who became a music proudest at the age of 16. What will happen when she meets Luke Hemmings, will it be love or just a one night stand!


1. At the begging

Hi I'm Jess I'm 16 years old and I've just started my new job as a music producer working with Capitol Records in America. This isn't what I'm used to as I'm just a girl from a small town in England but to live my dream I've travelled a lot and now here I am working with Ed Sheeren, Meghan Trainor and next week I'll be working with 5 seconds of summer, I'm so excited cause I'm a big fan of there music can't wait for us to be friend hopefully!

What Jess did know was where they going to be friendly once they has seen how beautiful she is!

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