Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


7. You're Important To Me

Dylan's POV

"Thanks Ashton but you don't have to listen to my stories to make me feel better." I said with sadness in my voice whilst it cracked. "Dylan. Listen to me. No matter what other people say, your important to me. And I think that that Colten, was an asshole! But it is time for you to have friends for them to be there for you. And me, Luke, Calum, and Michael will be those friends! So always remember you are important to all of us." He said making me smile.

"Well I better get home. I got school tomorrow! Ugh!" I said with announce in my voice. "You go to school?" Calum said interrupting. I nodded. "The one right down the street?" He asked. I nodded again this time with a confused look on my face.

"REALLY???!!!!! I go to that one and so does Luke!" He said with excitement in his voice. "Although Ashton and Michael are already though school." He said rolling his eyes. "Well I should get going then! Bye!" I said everyone saying 'no' and 'please don't leave' "I will see you guys tomorrow and I will come after school to see you Ashton." Then Luke said he would walk me over.

The whole walk was just silence. But because of my big mouth, I HAD to say something. "So Luke, do you know anyone at school that would be my friend or who I would get along with?" "Umm......" He thought for a moment. "Umm, I think there is this girl, Kelly. She is more like you, but not mean." He said being the annoying boy he is then I playfully punched him in the arm and he pouted like it hurt. "Oww! Oh, feisty one are we?" He said I giggled.

"Maybe." I said he chuckled. "So Dylan, is there anyone back home you really miss besides your mum and dad?" "Yeah. Actually. There is my best friend, Isebelle. She really likes you guys just like me. That's why we are such good friends." I said. "Well. You know we could pay for you to go back and she could come here. We would pay for that." He said. "What? You would? You don't have to do that." I made my point but he refused. "I guess she could live with me. I have about 6 bedrooms!" I said maybe a little too excited. "She loves Michael. I think they would be great together because.... Well I really don't know but I know!" I laughed as he did.

As we reached the door he quickly stoped me. He grabbed my wrists and turned me around making my lips crash into his by accident. We pulled away as fast as we could then it was just awkward. "Uhhh.... Ummm...... I-I'm sorry." He said with embarrassment in his voice. "N-no, no. Don't be. It was my fault," I said as I wished this,"I enjoyed it." Good thing I mumbled that to myself or it would have been more awkward and he would have heard me.

"Well, I will see you tomorrow at school?" "Umm yeah." I said, "hey and tomorrow after school we will send you to get your friend." He said in a convincing voice, as I nodded and we said our good-byes.

Luke's POV

I was walking Dylan home but I was going to stop her an tell her that we would get her friend tomorrow after school. So I grabbed her wrist and turned her around when she was at her door about to open it and we accidentally kissed but we pulled away as fast as we could. "Uhhhh....... Ummmm...... I-I'm sorry." I struggled to get the words out of my mouth. "N-no don't be, it was my fault." She said but it really wasn't. "So, I will see you tomorrow at school?" I asked. "Umm, yeah." She quickly replied. "Ok but just remember that tomorrow after school we will send you back to the U.S. To get your friend." I said as I wasn't gonna take no as an answer. She nodded and then walked in her house.

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