Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


8. Ew, Who Is She?

Dylan's POV

I woke up to my phone hooked up to my speaker blasting the song 'Don't Stop' I was so embarrassed. The other 3 boys stayed at Calum's so they probably heard it. But I am no going to say anything just in case they didn't. I turned it off and got up and went to my closet.

I choose my lower-thigh ripped black skinny jeans, my 'Green Day' shirt, and my flower converse. I know that the shoes don't really match but they were so light, a few feet away, they looked white-tanish. I put my hair in loose curls and put on mascara, blush, just a little bit of grey eye shadow, and some light pink lip gloss. To finish off, I had a back pack with two straps but I only used one. And had a design of navy blue with white rope crossing over one side from the top right corner and the other from the left. (If that is too confusing, it can just be navy blue).

Then I heard a knock on the door. I grabbed an apple and then at some real quick and opened the door with my mouth full I apple. Luke was standing there chuckling at my chipmunk cheeks. "Hfnxkdmbsjmd" I said trying to make it sound like, 'it's not funny.' But failed. Then Luke started laughing so hard he could even breathe. I finished chewing and swallowed. "Come on boy, get up. Don't, laugh because you guys didn't call first." I said as he was still laughing but more like a chuckle.

I got in the back seat of Calum's car and Luke got in the passenger. "So, Dylan, I like your speaker and your alarm." Calum said starting to laugh. "SHIT!! You heard me?" I almost yelled. "Yup. That was our wake up call! It was soooo loud. I bet you could hear it 6 blocks down." He said jokingly.

*skip car ride to school*

As we got at school I was so nervous. I was the new girl hanging out with 5SOS. They would think how does that new girl get to hang out with the boys? But once we stopped every girl was waving at Luke and Calum. They just gave me stares as we got out of the car. I heard whispers and I just hid my face with a curtain on hair. It was easy for me to make friends but I doubt that here. The girls here will just use me to hang out with the boys.

But we got in the school and went to the reception desk. "Hi, I'm Dylan Meyer." I told the lady working at the desk. She had the biggest smile on her face. She had medium length red hair pulled in a pony tail. She had the most beautiful green eyes you would ever see. She had freckles on her cheeks and her nose. She looked about my age. She probably just worked here for the morning for her mom or aunt. "Hi, I'm Rosie. I have your schedule here and your locker number and combination." With that she handed me the papers. "Thank you." I said. "I only work here until the bell rings, because I'm only 17." She sad whilst I smiled.

"Ok. Maybe at lunch we could eat together?" I asked trying to make a friend. "Yeah. That would be great! By the way, I saw you walk in with Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood. Now how did that happen? You are the new girl hanging out with part of 5SOS!" She asked with curiosity. "Well, I will tell you at lunch." I told her. "Ok" she said and with that I walked away.

"Ok guys I'm ready to go....." I said as I trailed off. "Yeah. So what's your schedule?" Calum asked as I handed him the papers. "You don't have 1st period with us but the second period you have with me, third, both of us, fourth, Luke, fifth, Luke, sixth, me, seventh, both, eighth, both and the last period just by yourself." He said. "Ok." Was all I said. "Well I'm gonna go find my locker." I said. "Ok, we will see you in second period. We are going to sign some stuff for fans." "Ok" and they went off to a crowd of girls screaming their names. So I went to my locker and put in the combination and opened it up. My books were already in there.

I picked up my geometry book(that was my first period) and took it out and put my other stuff in there. After I closed my locker, I turned around and ran into someone. I fell down and so did they. My book went flying in the air and landed beside me. I picked it up and stood up and noticed that the person I ran into was already stood up. "Hey, watch where your going or I'm going to make your times here, a hell hole." The girl with her little squad said laughing behind her. "I'm sorry-" the girl cut me off. "Save it! And aren't you that new girl who is hanging around Luke and Calum?" "Y-yes" I stuttered. "Well aren't you pretty? Just so you know, I will be better friends with them than you!" She said whilst laughing. "By the way my name is Ashely. What's yours, sweetheart?" She asked with the most evil look on her face. "Why the hell do you want to know?!" I yelled at her. "Oh, so new girl got guts? Well what about strong ones?" She said then she kicked me in the stomach and I fell to the ground whilst she and her minions were laughing.

"Oh my god, Dylan, are you alright?!?!?!" Calum asked coming to me. "Ugh......" I groaned. "What the fuck Ashley?!" Luke came running to Calum holding me. "What did I do?" Ashley asked in an innocent voice.

Luke's POV

I was so mad at Ashley for doing this! "What did I do?" She asked in an innocent voice. "Ok. Attention everyone!!! Can anyone tell me what Ashley did to Dylan?!" I yelled. A girl with red hair came running to Dylan. Who was she? A girl with blonde hair started talking, "yes! I do! What happened was she was turning around, and she bumped into Ashley. They started picking on her, and when Ashley asked what her name was, she said, 'why do you want to know' and then they said that new girl got guts and kicked her in the stomach." The blonde explained to me.

"So why do you do this to people who you think are weak?" I yelled at Ashley.

"What do you mean?" She said batting her fake eyelashes. "Are you fucking kidding me right now?!" Dylan yelled at her still clutching her stomach with her knees on the floor. "Oh," Ashley started whilst coming near her.....

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