Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


9. Are You Serious?!

Dylan's POV

"Oh," Ashley said coming close to me, "of course I am. I don't see you dating the hot, famous, Aussie!" She said with a little chuckle at the end. "What? I thought-" I tried saying but Luke cut me off. "Wait! You mentioned 'famous' in that. ARE YOU JUST USING ME FOR THE FAME?!" Luke screamed. "Of course not huney. Why would I ever do that to you?" She said in he most fake innocent voice ever. Then she walked over to Luke and pecked him on the cheek. Then walked away. "See you in class" she said whilst winking at Luke.

Calum was still holding me. "Umm..... I can get up now." I said to Calum. "Oh yeah, sorry just worried about you." Calum said worryingly. "Thanks Cal. Can you walk me to class?" I asked as he nodded. I didn't say a word to Luke.

Luke's POV

She left with Calum and didn't even say bye! As they walked around a corner, I punched a locker door. It hurt like hell!! I just stood there in pain with a few glances. I didn't want anything to do with anyone at the moment! I was to mad at Ashley. She always had to wreak things didn't she?! I did break up with her but I accepted her apology. I should have! She is stuck up. Always has to ruin my chances with new friends. The worst thing is that she has that little bitchy squad of hers! She can't handle her own battles. She has to have people with her.

Calum's POV (omg right?)

I was so glad that Dylan wanted me to walk her to class. I think I kind of have a thing for her but I have a secret and so do the boys, that she can't know about. I wish we could tell her though. She deserves to know.

*skip to lunch*

Dylan's POV

I grabbed my tray and then I payed and turned around and someone put their foot out and I tripped and landed on my tray. Food was all over me. I turn around to see Ashley and her 'squad' or 'minions'. They ere laughing at me and so was everyone else. Then Luke rushed over and picked me up. "Thanks." I told him without looking away from Ashley. "It's fine. I would help you out anytime." Then I heard Ashley start laughing again.

"Wow, Luke! You convinced her that you care about her! Even though we both know that's not true!" She said still laughing. "Why don't you just fuck off?!" I yelled at her. Everyone turned their attention to us and started to make 'ooo' sounds. "Me?" She asked. "No! I was talking to that wall over there! Of course I was talking to you!" I yelled whilst pointing to the wall and then to her.

She just stood there with her eyes squinted at me with a serious face. Luke was still behind me. He stood there with a smirk on his face and mine too. "What's wrong? Cats got your tongue?" I said whilst chuckling. "Your a bitch!" She yelled whilst coming to me and trying to punch me but she doesn't know, that I did karate for 2 and a half years. I was a red belt when I quit. So she tried to punch me but I moved to the side and grabbed her arm and twisted it. "Let go you freak!" She yelled. "Then you will have to stop being this way to me!" I whispered close to her face. "Ok fine! Just let go!" She whimpered in pain. Then I let go and her and her squad ran off.

Once they were gone, everyone started clapping. Including Luke. In the corner, I saw Calum even clapping. "Why are you guys clapping?" I whispered to Luke. "Because you just stood up to the most popular and meanest girl in the school!" He whispered back. I heard a few whistles every now and then. I realized that I still had food on me. "I will be right back." I told Luke. Everyone else got back to lunch.

I wen into the girl's bathroom and cleaned myself off a little better.

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