Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


37. 37

I suddenly woke up and i was on the couch. My head hurt like hell. Kayli and Michael were in front of me. "Dylan? Dylan? Thank god you're ok." Michael said. "W-what happened?" I asked. "I don't know. Michael came here and when you were trying to stop me opening the door, you fell and hit your head. You have been unconscious for about half an hour." "We can reschedule our date..... " Michael started. "No, I can manage." "Are you sure?" "Yes Michael."

I got up and Michael helped me. "Thanks." "You too have fun but be careful Dyaln." Kayli said. "Ok. Bye!" I said and we walked out of the door. Michael kissed my head. "I hope you'll be ok baby....." He said which gave me butterflies. "Thanks....... You know, I really owe you guys. You've done so many things for me and you  don't expect any thing in return." I said as we got in his car and he pulled out.

"Well of course. Your our friend and hopefully my girlfriend one day...... unless you think that its going to fast." I smiled at him. "Michael Clifford, are you flirting with me?" I asked shocked. "Yes and I got you something....." He said pulling out a small blue box. He opened it and inside was a silver necklace with a black heart on it and wings attached to it and it had letters that said, 'Fly Away'. "O-oh my god..... Michael. How the hell did you afford this?!" I said.  He pulled over. "I was saving up." "I love it but I can't except this, it looks too expensive." "You have to. I've already paid for it and there are no returns." I giggled. "Ok. Thank you. This just proves my point." He took it out of the box. "Turn around." He said. I did as told and he put it on me.

He looked at me and I looked at him. I started to kiss him and he kissed back. We started moving our lips together. He licked my bottom lip asked for entrance. I denied to see what i was worth to him. He touched my thigh and moved closer. He stopped. "Don't make me cuff you to the bed." He whispered in my ear. I started kissing him again. He licked my bottom lip again and i accepted. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and felt around. I brushed his tongue with mine. 

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