Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


36. 36

He just smirked. "You little shit." I said playfully. "Well, it's true." he said touching my thigh. I slapped his hand and smiled. "Can i have another kiss?" He asked. I looked up as if i were thinking. "Your gonna have to catch me first!" I said and ran off. "Ahh! No fair!!" He yelled. He chased after me. I ran into the woods. I looked back and he wasn't there. I started getting tired. I slowed down and took a minute to catch my breath. Then i suddenly felt someone lift me up and put me on their shoulders. I looked  at the pants and shirt. It wasn't Michael. He wasn't wearing that. Suddenly i was in the back of a car and the guy shut the door before i could see who it was. He had this divider thing attached to the car. It was up so i couldn't see who it was.

 I looked out the back window. I saw Michael running towards the car. It suddenly started driving. "Michael!!! MICHAEL!!" I screamed. he chased after the car. I started crying. What will happen to me? I have no idea who that was, i don't know where I'm going, and Michael...... What about Michael? 

All these thoughts swirled in my head and i looked back he was still there. i could tell he was getting tired. But kept going. Just as he started slowing down and stopping, he yelled......

"You fucking asshole, Calu....." The rest was a mumble. Calum? Fucking Calum?!

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