Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


35. 34/35

Dylan blushed and got up. I saw that she was wearing a red plaid, black ripped skinny jeans, and white converse. She had her hair in a ponytail and I think the back was curled.

She walked over to me and on her way she pushed Kayli out of the way and took the door knob and shut it. "We have to hurry." She said and ran to my car. I followed. We got in and once it turned it on, Kayli came out.

"Just back up." She told me. "But Kayli wants to talk." I said being an annoying ass. She looked at me. "Michael! Fucking back up!" She said. "Well what if-" she stopped me. "Drive!" She yelled and I obeyed. We pulled out and Kayli waved.

Dylan kissed my cheek. "You listen sooo well." She said sarcastically. "Why did your lips leave my cheek?" I whined. We passed a camping site and I pulled into the place where we were going to have our dinner.

"Maybe if you whine you won't get lips on lips." I looked over at her with wide eyes. I turned back to driving in the parking place and parked. Once I did, I felt her move my head facing her.

She put her lips on mine for a few seconds. I stuck out my bottom lip when she pulled away. She giggled. "Come on." She said and got out. I took my seat belt off and got out too. "So.... Where is this surprise?" She asked curiously.

"Well, maybe if your lucky...... It's me."

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