Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


34. 32/33

So, a few days ago. Like a day after Michael asked me out, Nash became a dick, Shawn and I made up, my friend Kayli moved in, and here I am about to go on my date with Michael.

He told me I'd love it. Where ever he was talking me. Kayli was currently helping me pick out an outfit. "This one?" She pulled up leggings with a pink blouse. "Ew. You know I don't like leggings!" She laughed.

"Perfect!" I said and reached in the closet to pull out the outfit. It was a pinkish- red plaid shirt with sleeves that went to me elbows but the back was a black flowery design, light colored ripped skinny jeans and black converse. "That is so you! You have to wear that!" She almost screamed. And Michael living across from me, probably heard it.

I changed, and Kayli put mascara, eye liner, foundation, blush and white eye shadow on. I put my hair in a pony tail and curled it. Kayli put a white little bow on the pony tail holder.

"You. Look. AMAZING!!" She squealed. I laughed. "Do you think Michael will like it?" I asked. "Of course!" "No, I gotta change." I said as the door bell rang. "Kayli, you distract him while I get changed." I was about to walk toward my room but she grabbed my arm and pulled me down stairs. "Kayli! NO!!"

Michael's POV

I stood outside of Dylan's door when I heard a thump and Dylan scream, "Kayli! NO!" Then Kayli opened the door and Dyaln was lying on the floor.

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