Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


30. 30

"Well we can't just leave! What if something happens to her?!" Nash whispered/yelled. "Then I'll go get help. You call the police and stay here." He nodded.

With that, I ran to Michael's house.

Dylan's POV

"Get away from me!!" I yelled. "No. You need to pay for what you did!!" He screamed at me. "NO!! I don't even like you anymore! Leave me alone! You don't realize that you are an ass hole!"

Why couldn't my powers work? I saw in the corner of my eye my spirit animal. It's a snow wolf. Of course, since it's a SPIRIT hence the word spirit in spirt animal, Colten couldn't see him.

He attacked Colten and became invisible. I ran. I saw Nash. "Dylan!!! Are you alright?!??" He asked. "I-I think." Then I saw Michael coming over. "Ugh! Why is he here?!" I whisper/asked in annoyance. "We needed help to save you!" He said.

"Dylan! Are you ok?! Shawn came over and said you were in trouble with that Colten again!" He asked. "Me and Shawn will go....... Beat Colten up! Yeah. Yeah. That's.... Yeah." Nash said awkwardly and walked back the alley with Shawn.

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