Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


26. 26

Dylan's POV

I fell asleep that night at Ashton's house. I woke up to screaming between 3 people. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the three figures. "GUYS!!" I yelled. They all looked over.

"Dylan! You said you'd be home soon! You were gone all night! Now it's 4:00 in the morning!" "Well what the fuck are you three fighting about?! Your acting like children!" I screamed at them.

"I came here because Ashton told me you were here and I wanted to know if you hate me!" Michael screamed. "I don't really know! Like Nash said, it's fucking 4:00 in the morning!!" I yelled at him. "Dylan.... This is all my fault." Ashton said. "Can you just let us have some privacy?" I asked Nash and Ashton. Ashton nodded and took him and Nash to the balcony and shut the door.

"Dylan.... Listen to me-" "No! You can't keep yourself contained! You fucker! I can't believe you would just kiss me after telling me you can't hang around me!!! You know what, I don't fucking need you!" I yelled at him. "You can leave! You don't mean a fuck to me! Or to anyone! You are a little brat looking for attention!" He yelled. I had tears brining in my eyes. I stared at him. He looked at me with sorrow. "Dylan." He spoke trying to take back what he just said.

"No! I get it! Maybe I will leave! In fact, since I don't mean anything to anyone, I'll kill myself! Cause you don't give a fuck about me! Just go live your stupid boy band life with your stupid friends!!" I screamed. The tears rolled down my face.

I picked up my bag. "No! Dylan! Tha-that's not what I meant!" He yelled. "THEN WHAT DID YOU MEAN?! THAT I WAS JUST A MISTAKE TO EARTH?? THATS HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!" I snapped at him. He had tears on his cheeks.

"I'll get out of your way now." I said and burst out the door. "Dylan! Come back!" I heard Michael's voice behind me. I walked home. I couldn't believe him. One thing left to do.

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