Our Secrets

Them. Her. The world. How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets? 5SOS fanfic


24. 24

"M-Michael. We kissed and my head is swirling with different emotions. One minute I'm happy the next I want to bash someone's head off." I said fast. "Come in. It's better you're not in the rain." I looked around it was drizzling.

I walked inside. "Ashton, why do you think Michael did it?" He looked at me with a 'duh' expression. "He likes you Dylan. So does Calum. I think this would be better to ourselves. We don't want either Calum killing Michael or Michael killing Calum." I nodded.

"Do you want some tea?" He didn't give me time to talk, he just ran to the kitchen. I giggled quietly. "You can sit down!" He yelled from the kitchen. "Ok!"

I sat down on his leathery couch. It had fuzz on it so you wouldn't fall.

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