Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


17. 17

She stared at me. She shook her head and squinted her eyes. "You little bitch." She said and went outside. She got the pool net. I took it from her.

"You don't deserve to have this to fish out your clothes." I know I was acting like a bully right now but she did this to herself.

She tried to reach it but it was in the deep end. Is she seriously that stupid the try and reach down? Then she fell in. I was mentally laughing.

She swam down and got all of her clothes. While she did that, I got her suit cases. She put her drenched clothes in there.

"Can I at least have a ride to the airport?" I thought for a moment. "Umm... Let me think.... No." I said with a serious face.

"Fine." She said. Wait. I probably knew what she met by just 'Fine.' She was planning to get a ride from Shawn.

I called him. Tears were an the edge of escaping. She left about 5 minutes ago. "Dylan!" He said in a cheerful voice. "Shawn, you-you. I mean I," I stopped in mid sentence. I was stuttering too bad.

"Dylan? Dylan!" He was worried. I was crying. "I- i saw you with Isebelle. And don't lie saying nothing went on. I know exactly what went on!"

"Dylan, it wasn't like that-" I cut him off. "Really Shawn? It wasn't? You kissed her Shawn. You fucking kissed her! She was my friend, but before she came down here, we were having a few difficulties. I don't need the extra."

"Dylan." He sighed out. "I'm sorry ok. You didn't see the whole thing. She came over saying that she wanted to plan a surprise party for you. We were discussing it and she just kissed me. I didn't kiss back."

Maybe I got the story wrong. But I just hung up and had a major break down. I think I did something because the boys rushed over. Calum was the first one to run over.

"Dylan, what happened?" He said in a soothingly voice.

"Isebelle. She kissed my best friend I've had since 5th grade." I sniffled and stared at him. "I kicked her out. I'm going to have my friend Kayli move in with me." He nodded.

"But, I've got some bad news Dylan. We-"

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