Our Secrets

The world.
How will they tell each other their secrets? Why do we have our secrets?

5SOS fanfic


10. 10-What?!

Chapter 10- What?!

*after school*

Calum's POV

I thought how I needed to tell Dylan our secret. So I called Ashton. "Hey Cal. What's up?" "I want to tell Dylan our secret." I said quietly into the phone but he could still hear. "Really? I was thinking the same thing! We need to have a meeting at my house. I will call the others..... You just come over. Got it?" "Loud and clear. Be over in a few." I said as I hung up the phone. Then I went out side and got in my car and drove off to Ashton's house.

Luke's POV

I drove up to the airport where Dylan was ready to go to her friend. I couldn't wait to meet her. As we pulled up to a parking spot, Dylan was practically jumping out of the car. "Ok. Wait for me!" I said as she got out. "Sorry. Just excited to see Isebelle." "It's ok. So, what does she look like?" I asked wondering. "Well. That's for me to know and you to find out." She said with a smirk. "Aw, come on!" I said said in a 'you can tell me i need to know' kind of voice. "Flight 249 is now boarding and will be leaving in 5 minutes. Repeat, flight 249 is now boarding and will be leaving in 5 minutes." The lady on the announcement speaker spoke.

"Ok. So I will see you tomorrow after school?" "Yup. That's when I'll be back......" She said trailing off at the end. The she said bye and left.

Dylan's POV

As I got on the plane I saw Luke waving. I waved back and sat back in my seat. I put my earplugs in and started listening to 'Catch Me' by Demi Lovato. Then I drift off to sleep.

*after the flight*

I woke up to the lady on the plane speaker spoke that we were now landing and we need our seat belts on. Before I knew it, I was out of the plane looking for my bag. I found it and then went out of the airport and got a taxi and headed off to Isebelle's house. She didn't know I was going to move her down to Australia. I just told her to pack all of her things because we were going on a year trip to Hawaii. But she said her mom is ok with her staying longer. Her mom isn't the nicest person on earth. I told her she was moving with me and she literally started dancing and saying Yay.

So as I got to her house I knocked on the door and she was stumbling out the door.

Luke's POV (after Dylan got on the plane)

After Dylan got on the plane I got a phone call. "Hello?" "Hey, Luke. Can you come over to my place?" Ashton spoke. "Sure be there in a few." "Ok. See ya." He said then hung up.

I went out side and got in my car and drove to Ashton's. I opened the door to see Calum, Michael and Ashton sitting in the couch. "I'm so glad we can start! I've been sitting here for 10 minutes and they still won't tell me, why we are here." Michael nearly yelled. "Ok. So guys, wewereplanningtotelldyalnour secret." Calum said very fast. "Um. Say that slower and so we can understand it." I said. "We are planning to tell Dylan our secret." Ashton finally said. Me and Michael just stood there shocked. Sure we both wanted to tell her. But we never told Calum and Ashton. We were glad they thought the same thing.

"Really? Me and Michael were wanting to do that too." I spoke. They looked as shocked as we did.

Dylan's POV

We arrived at the airport, I got our tickets in secret so Isebelle didn't know where we actually were going. Then they called our flight and we got on the plane. Once we were taking off I had to tell Isebelle where we really were going. "Isebelle, we aren't going to Hawaii. You are moving in with me in Australia." Is poke as the first part she had a worried expression on her face and then at the last part she looked so shocked and happy. "Oh my god! Really?!" "Yes!! Your mom said you can and there is another surprise when we get there! You will love it!"

"Yay!!!" She yelled.

*after the flight*

We go out of the plane and found her dozens of bags and my one bag. Then we found a taxi and drove to my place. Once we got there, Calum and Luke were getting out of their car so waved for them to go in to Calum's house. Isebelle saw me waving. She just looked at me confused. "That is the surprise so don't look over!" I said she nodded.

*after moving Isebelle in*

"So what do you think about your new house in Australia?!" "I love it!!! So where is your room?" She asked looking around. "Oh mine in the one down the hall the one that is facing us." I replied pointing to the door. "So do you want your surprise?" "YES!!!" I laughed how happy she was being. "Ok..... Let me call and see if it is ready." I said she nodded.

I called Calum. "Hey Dylan. Who was that girl you were moving in?" Shit! I forgot to tell the other boys about her! "She is my friend and she is moving in. She loves you guys just like me and that is why we are such good friends! But can you call the rest over at your house? I want her to meet you guys." "Sure. I will call you when we are ready." He answered. "K bye!" I said.

I walked back to Isebelle. She was putting her clothes in her dresser. "So...... We are going to the neighbors house for you to get the surprise in around 5 minutes." I say. She just nods.

Calum's POV

Me and the boys were waiting for Dylan to come and I texted her about 1 minute ago so she should be over any second now. Then I heard the doorbell ring. I got up and opened the door and Dylan was the only one standing there. I thought she had her friend?

Dylan's POV

Calum just texted me. He is ready. "Alright so Isebelle, when you see the bo- I mean surprise, promise me you will not scream?" "Uhh.... I guess. It depends if the surprise is a scream worthy surprise." "Umm.... Isebelle..... It is a big scream worthy surprise. If you want to scream..... I have a recording studio that we can go to and I'll let you scream in there. Clear?" I ask almost like a mom. "Clear."

We walked over to the boys' house and I told Isebelle to stand back a few steps. When Calum opened the door he looked around and was about to speak but I put my hand over his mouth. Then I waved for Isebelle to come over. When she saw him, she almost did scream but I put my hand over her mouth. I let Calum go when I waved Isebelle over.

"Oh. My. God! Dylan! Why didn't you tell me that you met Calum Hood?!" "Well.... Calum isn't the only one I met....." And as if on que the get of the boys came to the door. Again Isebelle almost screamed but I put my hand over her mouth. "Ah-ah-ah..... If you scream I won't let you hang out with them." I told Isebelle and the boys just chuckled. "Hi I'm Ashton," "hey I'm Michael," "hey I'm Luke," "hi I'm Calum," Calum finished. I knew what was coming next.... "And we're 5 Seconds Of Summer!" They said all together and Isebelle screamed in my ear. "Ow bitch!" I smacked her arm whilst laughing.

"So guys.... You can come in." Ashton said like we were stupid. "Hey hey, this is my house and 'I' decide who comes in!" Calum said. "Oh really?" I started whilst he nodded. "Then come out here!" He did as he was told and me and Isebelle ran inside and I shut the door so Calum couldn't get in. He knocked a few times. "Hey! It's cold out here!!!" "Then just change!" Ashton shouted and me and Isebelle had confused looks.

Then Calum kicked Ashton through the door. "Ow! Oh ok I should shut up now....." "What? Change? What are you guys talking about?" I asked and at the same time they said, "Nothing."

Calum's POV

God Ashton! He knew we didn't tell Dylan yet! And God it was cold out here! For Australia it was. Then the door opened and Dylan let me in. "Well Dylan, I'm going to buy some stuff for m room.... I'll see you later. And can I take your car?" Isebelle asked. Dylan nodded. Perfect time to tell her.....

(Hey guys..... So what do you think the secret is? I gave you a little hint.... About changing. So The next chapter has the secret!! So please keep reading!!! Thx!!!)

-Hailee aka hugswithlashton

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