You Found Me | Cake Hoodings |

All I needed was a call
It never came
Where were you? Where were you?

|Cake Hoodings |

® All rights reserved to hxmmosmoans_


1. Prologue

"Best Friends" that's what Calum and I were. That's only what we were. I still had this tingly feeling when we hug, hold hands, or even look at each other. All this "fooling around" means nothing to Calum, but to me? Well it does. I never thought I was gay though. I mean the thing is when the other boys thought girls were smoking hot and such I didn't even pay much attention. I always found myself looking at Calum. I just wanted to kiss his plump lips and have the right to call him mine. But nonetheless Calum had a girlfriend and I? Well I was a complete mess.



Caaake !!! I promise it will get better I love you loads!

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