You Found Me | Cake Hoodings |

All I needed was a call
It never came
Where were you? Where were you?

|Cake Hoodings |

® All rights reserved to hxmmosmoans_


5. Chapter 4

Luke's POV

Calum slid his tongue through my mouth exploring it, at first I was utterly shocked, but it only took seconds for me to kiss him back. I'd be lying if I said this wasn't the best kiss I ever had because boy it was. As soon as he pulled away I pouted at the loss of contact.

"I c-can't believe I-I did t-that" he stuttered looking at me as if I were to hate him for what he just done. It was the complete opposite though. I loved it. I loved that he kissed me and I love him.

"I-I'm s'sorry Lukey, I shouldn't have done that, I don't think you even l-"I cut him off pressing my lips against his. He was shocked at first, but it wasn't long until he kissed me back. Our kids started off slow turning passionate within seconds. Once we pulled away I smiled at him.

"I fucking love you Hood" I told him looking as his dark chocolate brown eyes.

"And I fucking love you Hemmings" he mimicked smiling at me.


The rest of our day consisted of us watching movies while eating pizza and cuddling. A few kisses here and there too. Calum put in "Ouija Board" and to be honest I'm not fond of scary movies . It was getting to the part where they were playing with the ghost. I closed my eyes tightly holding on to Calum for dear life.

"Awee Lukey you scared?" He asked

"Nooooo" I said

"It's okay to be scared Lucas" he said tightening his embrace on me.

"M'not scared" I retaliated

"Then look up at the screen" he chuckled

Once I did I regretted it seeing as the ghost looking thing popped up . I jumped of Calum at the sight. Calum just stood there holding his stomach as he was having a fit of laughter.

"S'not funny Cal" I pouted

"Awee Lukey you're so adorable" he told me making me blush.

"Cuddle?" He asked

"No" I replied smirking

"Cuddle?" He asked again

"No" I said to him again

"Cuddle?" He asked again poking my cheek and grabbing me by the waist.

"Fine cuddle" I fake glared at him .


Heey guys hope you liked it & if you think this "cake thing" is going too far don't read it . Btw it's not even the biggest ship -,- & it's not like Larry because Cake is aware of the ship & they have nothing against it . They play along with it even more . They don't call it bs or anything. They don't have a "fake gf" either . They honestly ship it more than we do okay ? & no one is saying Cake is Real & shit & even if they were let them be . If they believe that who are you to critize it. & jeez cake shippers aren't like Larry shippers were peaceful people & hey so are some Larry shippers . We don't take it too far . So if you really believe it's going too far avoid it . It's not like it's everywhere either way so just avoid/ignore it ty. & too all you lovely readers ifly 😭😭💞

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