You Found Me | Cake Hoodings |

All I needed was a call
It never came
Where were you? Where were you?

|Cake Hoodings |

® All rights reserved to hxmmosmoans_


4. Chapter 3

Luke's POV
I hated seeing Calum like this . I hated seeing him cry it hurt me. Calum sobbed into me more as I rubbed his back.
"Cal what's wrong?" I asked as his sons became more quiet
"I-I d-don't want you to h-hate me Lukey" He sobbed even more 
"I could never ever hate you Calum" I said to him. I brought his face up so he looked at me. "You're my best friend Cal and nothing you ever do would make me love you any less" I told him. 
He gripped into my shirt tightly "Allie and I broke up" He said. So that why he's like this? Cause that slut is no longer his girlfriend?!? 
"I'm sorry Cal, forget her she's not worth it" I told him
"I know" He sighed "One out of 3 of the reasons I broke up with her" He told me.
"What are the other two?" I asked him
He looked at me pained , as if what he was going to say would make me hate him. "I'm gay Luke" He told me
My eyes widen. He's gay!! Calum's gay! Yes yes yes! 
"I knew you'd hate me" He sobbed 
I held him tighter "I don't hate you Cal I'm just surprised that's all." I told him
"You don't hate me?" He asked
"Of course not , I have nothing against gays that would make me a hypocrite" I told him
"Why do you say that?" He asked
"Because I'm gay too" I told him and what happened next I didn't expect. Calum leaned towards me and kissed me. CALUM FUCKING HOOD KISSED ME!!!!
Sorry I took so long to update 😭 but hope you like it (; 


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