You Found Me | Cake Hoodings |

All I needed was a call
It never came
Where were you? Where were you?

|Cake Hoodings |

® All rights reserved to hxmmosmoans_


2. Chapter 1

Luke's POV

"Mikey I can't" I sobbed into Michael.

"Shh shhh Luke it's okay" He hummed

"No it's not. I'm in love with Calum and-and he doesn't love me" I sobbed even more into his shirt.

"Hey hey Luke you don't know that. You never even told him how you feel. He doesn't know" Michael tried assuring me.

"He has a fucking girlfriend Clifford! He's not gay, he doesn't see me like I see him" I sobbed

I have to give it to Michael though. I have these mental breakdowns and he always seems calm. He always comforts me when I cry.

"Look Lukey who knows he could be bi? Have you ever thought that? I mean the way he looks at you. He fucking has humped you and couldn't even kiss Ashton for a dare for crying out loud!" Michael said (btw this is true 😂)

"You think he likes me Mikey?" I asked with hopeful eyes

"Yes Luke" he said "and if I'm wrong I don't know what to think anymore" he smiled

"Thank you Mikey" I smiled

"Always here for you Luke" he smiled stretching his arms for a hug. I hugged him tightly.

"Ohh and ermm sorry for soking your shirt in tears" I said awkwardly

He chuckled "it's okay mate" he responded


Calum had come back from his date with his girlfriend. Allie.

"Hey Cal" I forced a smile as he jumped into bed next to me.

"Hey Lukey" he said snuggling closer to me as I smelled his cologne.

"H-How w-was you're d-date?" I stuttered

"Ehh it was okay" He mumbled still snuggling close to me.

"Ohh" was all I managed

"Don't get me wrong she's a lovely girl and all ,I just I don't know" he said "Besides if I'm completely honest I'd rather spent time with my best friend" He said messing up my hair

"Hey I work hard for that" I sassed at him

He laughed "Just cuddle me to death" he said bringing me close to him. I was the big spoon which I didn't mind , I just liked being as close to Calum as I possibly could.

Calum's POV

I woke up next to my dork. Luke. I gently got out of his grip without waking him up. I dialed Ashton waiting for him to pick up.

"Hey Cal what's up?" He chirped. Who the hell is this happy in the morning?

"Hey Ash I-I need you" I said breaking a little

"What happened mate? Is it this whole Luke thing?" He asked

I nodded then realized who couldn't see me so I spoke up "yeah ash it is"

"Look Calum you have a girlfriend remember?" Ashton sighed

"I-I know , b-but it's different with Luke" I managed out

"And why is that?" Ashton asked

"Because I love him Ash" I said almost breaking down into sobs

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