End This Silence

When Chloe's dad dies, she is devastated and won't talk to anyone. That is, until she meets Jay, who helps her get back on her feet. This is a story about a broken girl, a repaired life and a strong friendship.


4. Sometimes Songs Make You See

The evening after the coffee with Jay, I was sat on the sofa at home, watching a repeat of Euorvision 2014. I don't know why, but I've always liked Eurovision more than the pop songs on the radio. I guess the Eurovision songs have more meaning to them. I always think the writers do a perfect job expressing their feelings. I wondered what would happen if I put my current feelings into a song.

Mum was working late that evening, so I had hours before she'd be back. I think I dozed off because I woke up with a start before 'Undo', the Swedish song by Sanna Nielsen came on. It was one of my favourites along with Calm After the Storm. It was ten by that time, about the usual time I got to bed. I would just stay up a little longer... Sanna's singing broke through my thoughts.

Silent I can't wait here silent
Working up a storm inside my head
Nothing I just stood for nothing
So I fell for everything you said

Hear the rumble
Hear my voice

Silent I can't wait here silent
Gotta make a change
And make some noise

Undo my sad
Undo what hurts so bad
Undo my pain
Gotta get out, through the rain
I know that I am over you
At last I know what I should do-

That was the last I heard before I fell asleep. But when I woke, after the program had finished, I knew what I should do. I'd undo my sad, because I couldn't wait silent. I'd have to talk to someone.


Hi guys, If you haven't heard Undo, it's a great song, well done Sanna :) I was tempted to put The Common Linnets in there as well, but I thought Undo just fits perfectly :) Hope you liked :)


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