End This Silence

When Chloe's dad dies, she is devastated and won't talk to anyone. That is, until she meets Jay, who helps her get back on her feet. This is a story about a broken girl, a repaired life and a strong friendship.


1. Nothing More To Say

I was in double maths the morning it happened. I was staring out of the window, noticing that the dreary weather seemed to match my mood that day. A sharp voice interrupted my thoughts. "Chloe? Chloe Brooks? You're to go and see the head mistress right away," My teacher, Miss Thornton said impatiently.                                              'Oh flip! What've I done now?' I said in my head, a little nervously. Well I thought I did. Because when the class started laughing I knew I was in for it. "Miss Brooks! Don't you dare speak to me in that way or tone! Detention tonight, back in my room. Now, get out of my sight!" Said very loudly/shouted Miss Thornton. I never meant to say it. I don't ever mean to do anything that will get me into trouble. It just happens. I'm a trouble magnet. Not wanting to anger my least favourite teacher more, I pulled my bag out from under the table, muttered a quick "Sorry, Miss" to Miss Thornton and practically ran out of the room, while the class laughed behind me, probably silently congratulating me as no-one liked our maths teacher. Beady eyes, we call her.

When I reached Miss Phillips' office, I was taking very short breaths. They weren't just because of the running. I calmed myself and slowly knocked three times on the door. When it opened, I wasn't met with Miss Phillips' kind eyes. They looked depressed, grim and sad. At that moment I wondered if I was going to be expelled. It was likely, since I reckoned Miss Thornton didn't just have 'a few' negative things to say about me to Miss Phillips. I stood in the doorway for what felt like eternity, though I knew it was only a matter of seconds. My head mistress invited me in and indicated for me to sit down. I did so nervously, biting my lip. "Are you going to expel me, miss?" I blurted out what was on my mind. Miss Phillips didn't look surprised. She smiled at me, but it didn't reach her eyes like normal. "No, Chloe. I'm not going to expel you, though Miss Thornton has been advising me to for a long time. You're not a bad kid. Otherwise you wouldn't show up here, to school every day. And I know for a fact that you say sorry when something happens that is to do with you. No, that is not why you're here. You're here because-I don't know how to say this. Chloe, your dad went into hospital about an hour ago. He'd had a heart attack while at work, and I'm sorry to say that...the doctors... they couldn't save him." Shock. That's what hit me first. No. Miss couldn't be right. 

"Miss, are you sure? Dad doesn't have any heart problems," I said, trying to sound confused. I think I knew deep down when Miss Phillips said 'hospital' that he really was gone. But I didn't want it to be true.

"Chloe, it was definitely him. The message was from your mother. I know it's hard to believe. But, honey, it is true. You can have what you need off school. And I understand you won't want to talk to anyone about it, so I'm moving the newest addition to the school, a boy your age, into your tutor group, as you might not feel like talking to anyone about it, at least right now anyway."

Miss Phillips drove me home. I didn't acknowledge Mum when I got back. I just ran upstairs to my bedroom and cried myself to sleep.

Hi guys! This is my first fiction piece that I've done and made up my own characters. What did you think? I know it's sad but that's the way it's supposed to be until Chloe's life gets better again. Jay will be in the next chapter. I think Chloe should pass notes to him to communicate at first. What do you think?

By the way, Always and Forever has a new chapter up! Check it out if you like Lily/James. (It's HP FanF)

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