End This Silence

When Chloe's dad dies, she is devastated and won't talk to anyone. That is, until she meets Jay, who helps her get back on her feet. This is a story about a broken girl, a repaired life and a strong friendship.


3. Another week of boring school...made a little more exciting!

School for another week was torture until Wednesday. I had boring lesson after boring lesson and Jay was off sick for Monday and Tuesday. This really annoyed me, because he was the only one who didn't look at me like I was crazy or something like that. When he came back to school on Wednesday I was relieved. We had exactly the same schedule and we could hang out at lunch on the benches outside of the cafeteria. Finally I felt like I had a really, really good friend. Before Dad's death I guess I just hung around with Stella and her followers because she sat next to me in tutor. Now I needed a friend, and I had the best of the lot sat right next to me.

When we were together, Jay would tell me all about the things around me, or about science or nature. But I liked it most of all when he told me about himself. From what I knew, he had grown up in a house with 3 brothers, all older than him. He tells me he's fifteen now, but in 3 months he'll be 16. I'll be 16 in 4 months, so he's only a month older than me. Apparently his Mom is expecting a baby girl, and he says he's very excited, because 2 of his 3 brothers have already left home and he wants someone to look after. I think he'll do a great job, because he's practically looking after me now.

Jay sent me a text in Geography Wednesday afternoon. Luckily our teacher is old and doesn't notice these things.

J: Want 2 go 4 a Coffee after school? It's on me.

It sounded cool so I texted him back with:

C: Sounds like fun! But I'm not having U paying.

J: Just watch me xD

I flashed him a smile across the room that said 'I'm going to win this argument' and he replied with a smirk that practically said: 'Wanna bet?'

Coffee after school was great. I had texted Mum just to say I was out with a friend. I didn't get a text back. Jay treated me really nicely, ordering two coffees with a biscuit on the side. On the way out of Costa, I tripped up and he caught me. We stayed in this position for a few seconds and  then I snuck a fiver into his pocket. I smirked. I'd won. I should have done the smirk on the way home because seeing it, Jay narrowed his eyes and looked at me suspiciously. I just pretended to look innocent and he laughed before taking out the note I'd stuck in his pocket. I don't know why he's so smart! He's[d seen me get the bus home before and knew I must live far away to he got his 18 year old brother, Mark to drive us home. "Who's this?" Mark had asked. "Your girlfriend?" This seriously embarrassed me. But Jay just smiled . "My Best Friend, Chloe," He replied. That was my highlight. Maybe Jay really was my best friend.

We're getting close to Chloe talking to Jay! They'll stay best friends unless I make a sequel :) Three guesses what'll happen then! xD Did you like it? I need more characters for:

Someone to hang around with Chloe when Jay isn't there (Maybe like a girl best friend, I don't know).

A group of bullies (3)

A load of people who want to be Jay's friend (either gender, about 4 or 5)

So if you have a character idea put it in the comments and there'll be a competition. The winners will be in the story as one of the characters above :)


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