well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


8. Chapter 8

 Shelby POV 

 I sat down at the table with a smoothie and got on instagram and posted some pictures. Logan ran in and hugged me while stealing some of my smoothie. He looked at me and put his ear up to my stomach and smiled.

 "I think I can hear her." He said 

 "Sweetie we don't know what it is yet." I said 

 "It's a girl momma. She looks just like Uncle Luke. She even has blue eyes." He told me and I smiled. 

 "She sound beautiful." I said. He walked away and my eyes went wide and looked at my stomach. 

 "ASHTON!!" I yelled. He came running down the hall. 

 "WHAT??!" He panicked 

 "Logan, He put his ear up to my stomach and told me it was a girl and she looked just like luke with blue eyes." I told him. He had the same reaction and then shook it off. 

 "We have a doctor appointment today anyway. We'll see what it is." He said then left again. 


 The doctor wiped the gel off my stomach and smiled at me. I grabbed Ashton's hand. 

 "Would you like to know the sex?" She asked opening an envelope. 

 "Yes please." I said 

 "It's a girl. Congratulations." She smiled at me then left the room. Ashton and I looked at each other. He was right. 


 We went to pick up Logan from Calum's and I was scared. I knocked and the door flew open as Calum appeared in the doorway. 

 He handed Logan to Ashton and pulled me inside. 

 "What is it?" He asked 

 "A girl." I told him and he smiled so wide I thought it would be stuck. 

 "CONGRATS!!" He screamed and hugged me. 


 "Logan, sweetie, It's a girl just like you said." I said to him as he played with his dinosaurs toy. 

 "I know." He said without looking up at me. 

 "Baby, what else do you know?" I asked. 

 "You and uncle Luke won't be friends anymore. You're gonna get married. You are gonna make new friends really soon. Oh and your book is really big right now and there won't be anymore." He told me. 

 I nodded and went to Ashton's room. 

 "Ashton, I think we need to bring Him to the doctor." I told him. He turned around and looked at me. 

 "Okay." He said and put on a hoodie. I sat down at the computer to make an appointment and he walked over to me and leaned down. I grabbed his hoodie strings and pulled him down into a kiss. My free hand went around his neck and his hands went around my back lifting me up. 

 We kissed until there was a knock on the door. We turned to see Ashton's mom looking at us. Ashton held his grip on me and looked over my shoulder. 

 "Hey mom." He said. 

 I was facing the wall but smiled.

 "Hi, mrs. irwin." I said. I wiggled trying to get him to put me down. He finally let go and dropped down balancing myself then looked at him mom.  

 "Look I just wanted to say Calum called and asked you guys to go over to his place." SHe said. We nodded then left. 


 "Hey cal, What's up?" I said as I walked in to see Luke and Michael sitting on the couch. 

 "What's up?" I asked again. 

 "Well, guys, This is really hard for me to tell you ad it hurts so much and I've thought about this so much but I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm uh gay." He said. It was a shock but I was okay with it.

 "Okay, I still love you Cal. that wont change." I told him and we hugged. 

 ************** Hey Guys. I know it's short. I'm sorry I'm dealing with so much right now. Anyway. I hope you guys like it I know it's shitty but I tried okay? LOVE YOU MY LITTLE KEVINS************


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