well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


7. Chapter 7

 Shelby POV 

 Today was the reading of the will and I was not in the mood for anything. I was still laying in Ashton's bed since we had stayed here for a while. Logan came running in and yelling MOMMA GET UP!! 

 I threw the blankets over my head and shoved my face in the pillow. I felt him now jumping on the bed trying to get me up. It suddenly stopped then I heard Ashton talking and knew Logan was gone now. The door closed. THe blankets lifted and Ashton appeared under the blankets in front of me. 

 Not a word was said, not a movement was made, we just starred at each other. I felt a tear drop down the side of my face and then another. One after one the tear were falling but again no movement or sound was coming for either of us. That is until Ashton pulled me into his chest and kissed my head. 

 I won't give up began to play from Ashton's phone and he smiled. 

 "Cause even the stars they burn. Some even fall to the earth. We got a lot to learn but god knows we're worth it." He sang quietly. I smiled. 

 "It wasn't their time Ash." I cried into him. 

 "I know baby girl. I know." He whispered. I got out of the bed and got dressed then did my make up. 

 Ashton got out after I was finished and hugged me. 

 "You can do this. I know you can." He said and we left. 


 The reading ended in me crying again and Ashton holding me. We slowly drove back to Ashton's with his hand on my thigh the entire time. 

 We got back to the house and his mom had some food ready but I went straight to bed. I knew she was worried, everyone was but I just wasn't ready to face the obvious. I slowly got out of bed and took a bath which meant I sat in the water thinking. 

 shortly after I heard Ashton walk in the room and he came straight to the bathroom. 

 "I brought you cheez-its." He smiled. He knows my weakness. I grabbed the box from him and began to eat while he sat on the ground next to me stealing a cheez it every once in a while.

 "Shelby, I know you don't want to but please let me help you get happy again. you'll have to face it sooner or later." He said stealing another cracker from me.

 "Ashton, I love you, you know that but I'm just not ready." I said and got out of the tub and dried off. I grabbed his shirt and put it on laying in bed. I began to mess with my necklace and Ashton was again right next to me. 

 "Where did you get that?" He asked

 "My parents. My dad knew how to play guitar and so did my mom. They gave me this pic to learn with. I'm gonna learn then I'm going to teach Logan and he'll teach his kids. Everyone in my family knows or knew how to play, they all had their own pic they learned with and this is the one I'm learning with." I said to him then let go of my necklace.

 He got up and grabbed something then came back. He grabbed my necklace and put a jewel on it. I looked and saw it was a little pair of drum sticks and a microphone. 

 "I'll tech you both and you already know how to sing so these are your good luck charms." He said and kissed my forehead. 


 I jumped up and looked around for a clock. I grabbed my phone and saw it was only 2 in the afternoon. I slapped Ashton's arm and he groaned. 

 "What was that for?" He moaned.

 "It's two in the afternoon." I said and we got up. I put on undergarments and pants then walked out of the room. I saw Logan and picked him up. 

 "What do you say about going to the park?" He bounced up and down and went to get dressed. I went back to the room and threw on a tank, sneakers and sweats. I looked in the mirror and saw I was getting bigger.

 "Ashton!1" I called and came out of the bathroom and looked at me. 

 "Look, I'm getting big." I said and lifted up my shirt and he chuckled. 

 We all went to the park and Logan ran off to the swings and I watched with Ashton. He grabbed my hand from behind and put them on my stomach with his on top. 

 I looked up and smiled then he kissed my forehead and continued watching Logan. 

 (Hey guys I know it's short but I'll be updating again tomorrow so be prepared because eI'll be thinking all day!!!!! BYE I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE KEVINS!!) 

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