well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


5. Chapter 5

 Shelby POV 

 Oath by Cher lloyd blast through my phone as my alarm went off. I groaned and slapped the side table looking for my phone. About 2 minutes later I clicked snooze on my phone but by the time I did Luke was awake.

 "Our song." He mumbled. 

 "Yeah." I said and got out of the bed. 

 "You're such a dork." He laughed. 

 "Why?? I'm hurt now" I asked 

 He pointed to my pants. I looked down and saw my One direction PJ pants. I smiled and turned away. 

 "Well I think I'm hot." I said and got dressed. I was putting on my make up and Luke walked up behind me. 

 "Hey, we are going to Australia today and my mom won't shut up about you." He said as he began brushing his teeth. 

 "Does she know?"I asked. He shook his head no as toothpaste dripped down the side of his mouth. I laughed and threw a towel at him. I got up and made sure everything was packed and ready to go. 


 I texted michael as we got into the car to go to the airport. Calum and I were all the way in the back with Logan. Luke, ashton, and Shaleigh were in the middle and Michael was ln the way in the front.

 Soon enough we reached the airport. I looked through the glass and saw the fans all lined up and the security holding them. We walked into the airport and I hopped on Lukes back. He laughed and we went to the fans. 

 We took pictures and he signed autographs and the fans gave gifts then we had to leave. We got onto the plane and started to joke around. I threw a paper airplane at michael and it hit him in the head. He came back and sat next to me and we talk for a few hour but we fell asleep. 


 Calum woke me up and I woke up Michael. We got off the plane to fans screaming and crying. We pushed through and got into the car as girl hit the windows and chased us. I laughed and watched in amazement as the boys laughed at me. Logan went with Ashton to met his mom.


 "SHELBY!!!!" Liz screamed as We walked into the house. 

 "LIZZ!!" I yelled as she came running to me. "Liz no." I said and stopped her from making us fall over. We hugged and she hugged Luke. 

 "Are you staying with Luke or the guest?" She asked 

 "You seriously just asked that question. Liz you know I always stay with Luke." SHe nodded and we left to unpack. 

 "So when are we telling her?" I asked as Luke threw some clothes onto the bed. 

 "Whenever you fell comfortable. This is your choice." He said and hugged me. 

 "Let's do this." I said with a weird face. He laughed and we walked downstairs.

 "Whatever you say mom." He said

 "Watch it dad." I smirked.

 "OOO, that word. I'm old now." He said

 "Yes you are, My old best friend." I said and he smiled.

 "Liz, we gotta be cereal for like 5 seconds." I said and sat down at the counter. 

 "Oh no, did Luke take your food again?" SHe asked.

 "Not this time, he's learned his lesson." I said and Luke sat his mom down. 

 "Look Liz, you know Luke and have been best friends for a while now." I started

 "Of course." SHe smiled

 "I'm pregnant." I bursted. 

 "Who's the dad." SHe asked

 "Luke." I said and she looked surprised. 

 "You never liked seeing Luke shirtless let alone naked." She said. 

 "I know mom, we were a little buzzed and one thing led to another." Luke said before I had to explain what really happened. 

 There was a knock on the door and I went to open it. Ashton and Logan walked in and I pick Logan up. 

 "Hey Ashton." Li said and smiled at Logan. "Who is this?" She asked 

 "My son."Ashton and I said at the same time. 

 "Okay, so let me get this straight, you slept with Luke and Ashton." SHe said 

 "Yes." I said 

 "Okay." She said and took Logan. 


 "Luke, I'm leaving." I yelled 

 "Alright." He said.

 I walked out and went over to Calum's house. His mom let me in and I went up to his room. I opened the door to see him naked. I quickly shut the door. He told me to com back in ad I closed my eyes. 

 "Are you clothed?" I asked. 

 "Yes." He said. I turned and he had sweatpants on.

 "I saw more than I wanted. I'm going to have nightmares." I said and he laughed. 

 "Well maybe if you learned to knock." He said 

 "So where is my twin. I have something for her." I said and he pointed to the door. 

 "Your twin left a few minutes ago. She went to get coffee." He said

 "Looks like I'm waiting here." I said and layed down on his bed. 

 "Why is your bed so soft?" I asked.

 "I don't know." He said. Not soon after I was asleep. 

 Calum POV 

 I walked out of the room to grab some food and when I got back She was asleep. I put the food down and shaleigh walked in. 

 "Shh." I said and she nodded. 

 "What is she here for?" She asked. 

 "I don't know. She said she had something for you then fell asleep." I told her. Shaleigh walked over to her and woke her up. 

 "Shelby. I'm here." SHe said and shelby shot up. 

 "What time is?" She asked.

 "relax it's only 2 you only slept for about 30 minutes." I said. 

 "I have to be back in like 20 minutes." SHe said and got up. 

 "Shaleigh. I found the cutest things." SHe said and left some boxes on the bed then left. 

 (Hey guys sorry for the shitty chapter. i know it was horrible but I'm so tired and lazy and ugh. Anyway I'll try and write  better one soo thanks and BYE MY LITTLE KEVINS!!!! I love you)

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