well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


4. Chapter 4

 Emily POV

 I picked up my phone and saw shelby called. We had been friends like 2nd grade but missed a few years.

 E- Hey shell

 S- Hey Em, I was wondering if you could watch Logan for a little while so I could go met with my editor? 

 E- Sure Be there in like 5 

 S- Thank you so much 

 E- No problem 

 I hung up the phone and threw on some sweats and grabbed my keys and drove over to Shelby's. 


 I grabbed Logan and we started to eat some pizza while watching a movie. Soon Logan was knocked out on the couch to no return. I covered him and finished off the movie when the house pone rang. 

 "Hello?"I asked 

 "Hey Shelby, I was wondering could I come bye and take Logan for a few hours to hang out since we are in town for a show?" I listened to a guy talk 

 "This isn't Shelby sorry, She went to a meeting but I'm Emily and I'm watching Logan for a while until she gets back. Can I ask who you are?" I said very hesitant.

 "Ashton irwin, I'm Logan's dad. Could you get him on the phone please?" Ashton asked 

 "Sure give me second."  I said and went to Logan. 

 "Logan, buddy, your dad is on the phone." I said 

 "DADDY!!!" He yelled and took the phone. 

 They talked for a few minutes until Logan hung up.

 "Daddy is coming over to play." He said and went and sat by the door. I smiled at how excited her was. I watched tv until a knock was on the door. Logan shot up.

 "No, I'll get it Logan." I said and picked him up and opened the door. As soon as the door was open Logan was jumping out of my arms. He jumped into Who I'm guessing was Ashton and hugged him.

 "Hey buddy." He smiled 

 "So you're Ashton I'm assuming." I said and smiled. 

 "Yeah." He said 

 "Well, I'm under strict orders to not let him go anywhere but you could come in and stay for a while."I said and let him in. 

 "Thanks, Do you happen to know when She'll be back?" He asked 

 "No, Actually I didn't really have anything to do and I love this kid so." I laughed. Ashton nodded and started to play with Logan. 


 Soon enough Shelby was back and Ashton and her where arguing in the kitchen while Logan played with his toy dinosaurs and power rangers. 

 I was on the couch and the arguing stopped for a little while then started again. I shook my head and walked to the kitchen. 

 "Not trying to be rude or anything but right now I feel pretty bad for Logan so Whatever your problems are solve them in peace and not make Logan cry because clearly this isn't the first time he is sitting on the floor silent crying while happily playing. So I suggest you get over it before your kid ends up in therapy or in foster care. I'm leaving now and I'll take Logan tonight so You can argue." I snapped and grabbed Logan and left.

 Ashton POV 

 After Logan and Emily left Shelby stomped off to her room. I followed and saw her sitting on the bed with her hand on her stomach talk to it.

 "So your pregnant." I said pushing to the door open leaning on the frame. 

 "Why is it your business?" She snapped.

 "Because it's clearly Luke's. and he is in my band and my bestfriend." I told her and she rolled her eyes and slammed the door. I texted Luke to come over and within 5 minutes he was here. 

 "Where is she?" He asked. I didn't tell him about the baby just that she wasn't doing well. 

 "Room." I said and he ran down the hall and into her room and shut the door. I leaned against the wall and waited . 

 Luke POV 

 "Tink, Ashton told me you weren't feeling well. Can I help?" I asked. She looked up in shock and slowly grew angry. SHe stormed past me and to ashton. I watched as they argued. 


 "What? I told him you didn't feel well that's it." He said 


 "STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!!! YOU NEED TO GET OUT AND DON'T THINK YOU WILL EVER SEE LOGAN AGAIN!! WE ARE GOING TO COURT!!" She yelled and hit him a few good times before he left. 

 "Tink?" I whispered and walked to her. I grabbed her hands and pulled her into a hug. "What's wrong? Talk to me please." I whispered into her hair.

 "I'm pregnant Luke."She said while crying. I kept hugging her while she cried. 

 "It's okay, I'll help you. I have to take responsibility." He said 

 "Luke, your gone half of the time." She sniffed. 

 "It's okay, you and Logan and my baby are coming with us." He said. 

 "Luke, I have a book to promote." SHe said 

 "Shelby, your coming whether you like it or not." I said 

 "Okay, your packing Logan." She said and we walked to Logan's room. 


 Shelby POV 

 Everything was packed and ready. Luke made a few phone calls while I cooked dinner for us and set it out. 

 He walked to the table and we ate and talked. 

 "We have a show at like 9 tomorrow night but we have to be up and ready by like 5 in the morning. We have to get loaded up, get logan, do the paper work for home school, go to the arena and set up, sound check, you have another meeting, we have a met with the fans and another sound check then the show. Then we sleep and fly. You ready for this?" Luke rambled on. 

 "Yep." I said and later washed the dishes and we went to sleep. 


 "Luke?" I whispered. 

 "MMMM?" He groaned. 

 "Are you ready for this?" I asked 

 "For what?" He mumbled 

 "To be a dad." I told him. 

 "Yeah, I've just been busy and too young. I still am but I'm prepared." He said. I smiled and kissed his cheek. 

 "Ladies and gentlemen, My best friend that got me pregnant." I laughed and Luke laughed. 

 "It's your fault, You made me sleep with you."  He smiled. I looked over at the clock at it read 4 AM. I got up and looked confused. 

 "What are you doing?" He asked

 "It's 4." I said. 

 "You get up and hour early?" He groaned.

 "Yes, I do." I said and went to shower. 

 I got out of the shower and got dressed. I blow dried my now ombre hair and curled it. I put on my normal make up. Smokey eye, dark eyeliner, and nude lipstick. I had on skinny jeans and my favorite crop top that was black and had nerd on it in quotations. I put in my lip ring I hadn't worn with the boys here. I put on nerd glasses and my favorite Black pumps. 

 Luke just got up and dressed. I grabbed my phone and wallet and we put things in the car then went to get Logan. 

 "I never noticed you had a matching lip ring." Luke said. 

 "I got it when I moved here I just don't wear it around you guys." I said and we pulled up to Emily's. I got out and Logan came running. I kissed his cheek and Luke put him in the car. I told Emily what was happening and she seem happy for me. We hugged and We left. 

 "Momma, this isn't the way to the house." Logan said from the back seat. 

 "Buddy, we aren't going home for a while. We are going to go stay with Luke and the guys for a while." I said and he was very happy. 

 "Momma, I like when you were your lip thingy, you look like Uncle Luke. It's pretty." He said 

 "Thank you buddy, that's sweet. You want to get mcdonalds?" I asked and he screamed yes so we got him food. 

 I looked at my stomach I wasn't really showing but you could tell I was getting fatter. I smiled and kissed Luke. 

 "EWWW, that's nasty." Logan yelled. I laughed and we  drove on.


 We pulled up to the arena and Calum and Luke loaded our things on the bus while Michael and Ashton took Logan.

 "Calum, I want to tel you something." I said. 

 "Woah, lip ring nice." He said. 

 "Thanks but umm Calum, I'm pregnant." I said and he looked at my stomach. 

 "Luke, it took you one time." He said turning to Luke. 

 "Really dude." Luke said 

 "Just sayin, that's luck." He laughed and hugged me. 

 "But I'm happy or you, Now we have a minnie ash and no a minnie Luke. When do I get a minnie Calum?" he laughed. 

 "You have a girlfriend." I said and his smile dropped and walked away. I looked at Luke confused. He shrugged and we went into the arena and set everything up. 

 All of the workers were really nice and open to the fact Logan and I were going to be there. Logan hung out with the workers most of the time and they loved him.

 I grabbed Calum and pulled him into the nearest empty room. 

 "Calum, Tell me what happened?" I asked. 

 "My girlfriend can't really have kids, and I don't plan on having her as my girlfriend anymore." He said as he pulled out a ring. 

 "OMG, Calum!! I'm so proud of you!!" I yelled. 

 "Yeah, but we really want kids." He said 

 "I'll tell you what, if she says yes then after I have Luke baby. I can be your baby holder kinda thing. You now the person that has the baby but gives it to you." I said

 "Would you really do that?" He asked. 

 "Yeah of course. Anything for you Calum." I smiled and kissed his cheek.

 "But I would like to met his girlfriend of yours." I said 

 "Okay but you can't be creeped. She looks a lot like you." He said  

 "Okay."  I said and he lead me to a room and I saw a girl in the room and I stopped. 

 She had on a pink crop top that said classy on it and her hair was the same as mine along with the glasses and make up. We were both wearing the exact same thing but different shirts. Calum was right. We could be identical twins. We even have the same lip ring

 "Oh my god." I said and she looked over and had the same reaction. 

 "Hi, I'm Shelby."I said. Her jaw was still dropped.

 "I'm Shaleigh (Sh-a-lee)" She said. We walked to each other and closely examined each other. 

 "you could be my twin." Shaleigh said. 

 "Oh we are so going to have fun with this." I smiled. 

 "Hell yeah." She laughed. "Oh my god I have that shirt." She laughed. 

 "Get it, we can confuse everyone." I said and we went to a bag in the corner and put it on. 

 We walked out of the room and stood near the stage as the boys practiced. I was Luke and Ashton look over and we waved. They stopped playing and went wide eyed. We walked onto the stage and a few people where in the audience but not many.

 "Hey Luke." We said in unison. 

 "I'm not sure which one of you is shelby but um Shelby, your son is talking to the fans and hopped up on sugar. 

 "Dammit Luke!! Ashton!! You didn't tell him no. we went over this when you were at my house." I yelled and Ashton was still in shock. I grabbed Luke mic. 

 "Logan baby, come here please." I said and saw him run around trying to find the worker to bring him on stage. 

 "You have s son?" Shaleigh asked. 

 "Yeah,and another on the way. This is Logan james Leigh he is 7 now. I like to call him Lo Lo or just Lo." I said as I picked up logan. 

 "He's adorable. Hi buddy, I'm Shaleigh." She said to him and he smiled. 

 "I like you. You look like my momma." He said and I put him down. 

 "So who's his dad?" SHe asked. 

 "Ashton." I said and she smiled. I saw Logan run over to Ashton and they started to drum together. 

 "And your pregnant?" SHe said. 

 "Yep, for Luke." I said. She laughed and I did too.

 "Damn. That's crazy. You never had a thing with Calum did you?" SHe smiled. We walked back to the side of the stage.

 "No I don't think so. it's insane. Actually Calum and I were talking and it kinda slipped that you couldn't have kids." I said. 

 "Yeah." SHe sighed. 

 "And I told him that I could be the person that carries the baby and then like gives it to you after I have lukes." I said

 "you would do that?" She teared up.

 "Yeah of course." I said and she started to cry. SHe hugged me and I smiled. 

 "If it's okay with you." I said. 

 "Oh, It's perfect. I thought I wasn't ever gonna be able to have kids that looked like us." She smiled. 

 "Well now you are." I said.


 THe boys show was over and we were now at the hotel. Calum and Shaleigh to one room, Luke, me and Logan to one and Michael and Ashton to the other.  

 We all fell asleep pretty quickly. This was an awesome day. 

 (Hey guys. I was recently inspired and I know just making one really long chapter isn't going to make up for the horrible chapters but I'm trying. I love you guys and I love writing. I hope you guys like it!! thanks guys. BYE I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE KEVIN'S!!!!)

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