well now everything is going to change. Hope you can keep up!!

Catch me and you
Might just have a
Yourself Good girl.
But Am I who you're
Looking for?? Or
Am I just a toy??
You tell me. Here we go!!


3. Chapter 3

 Shelby POV 

 But one thing I wish I would have said to him was I love you and I want you to be mine forever. See that's the thing, love, Many people are afraid and terrified. The immensity of love and the truth of how it happens is always a mystery but why stop and give up on what you want because your afraid of love. 

 I typed and typed. I stopped and read over the millions of words I had written straight from the heart. That's a thing I do, I write what ever and don't even pay attention to what I write it just happens and then I read it over. 

 I smiled proud of what I had written and sat back. I picked up my phone and texted Mark. 

 S- Hey Mark, I finished the book. 

 M- AMAZING!! send it over and I'll move on with it.

 S- No problem. 

 I sent the story and dropped my phone. I opened up my drawer and grabbed the recorder but I noticed it wasn't in  the same place. Someone listened to my messages. Oh My god. I picked up my phone and called Calum. 

 Oh yeah. They left not to long ago for tour. His phone rang 4 times then voicemail. I threw my phone at the wall and played the tape and noticed it was back to 1. 

 Ashton POV 

 I saw calum's phone ring and looked to see Shelby calling. Shit. I clicked the end button and locked his phone. I feel so guilty and upset and a lot of things from listening to her say those words. She loves me and misses me but I am too stupid and arrogant to notice her true feelings. 

 I miss her so much but she slept with Luke. I know she was just trying to  get back at me but it hurt. 

 "Ash, what's up?" Michael asked.

 " I love her." I said and he looked away from me. 

 "I know But you didn't tell her that. You got her mad, made her sleep with Luke and left." He said 

 "So your on her side." I snapped. 

 "Over being on the side that is a total dick and wrong hell yes." He snapped back and the guys left. 

 (Hey guys, I don't know why but I just havent been so inspired lately and It's getting harder for me to write like I used too. I know this chapter sucks and it's boring and short but it's all I could come up with. I'm super sorry. I wish I could make it up to you guys but I'm not sure how. again I'm sorry. BYE MY LITTLE KEVINS!!)

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